Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gee gouges Georgia... Bama wins 75-70

This game lived up to its billing as an ugly game. If I didn't take a nap this afternoon I could've during this game.

Box score

We didn't allow UGA to get many good shots, played better in transition, and shot the ball well from beyond the arc (Gee and Hillman hit all our 3s). Speaking of Hillman, he hit 3 of 4 3s, but still IMO forces too many shots. Today it worked, but most days it doesn't.

Brock played well at the point... I'm really starting to like him there. Torrance struggled with his shot again, but I did see him making good decisions with the ball. It's also nice to see Jemison getting some PT. He held his own today. Green... what can you say about him... he's bringing it and is becoming a true inside presence on the team.

I like that Pearson isn't scared to play the bench. At one point in the 2nd half he substituted all 5 players on the court. That's something I haven't seen in my 18 years of being an Alabama fan. I give him credit for trying anything to shake things up.

FT shooting continues to suck... and there is no cure in sight for that.

If we get a coach that wants a more up tempo offense we could flourish next season. We got the athletes to make it work... hopefully next year a shooter develops.


Anonymous said...

Saban gave the BB team a pep talk Friday night.

MSmilie said...

I'm glad the team scored a win tonight. They needed it after the last week.

Nevertheless, the team looked really bad against one of the worst teams the SEC has produced in a long time. Time and time again when Alabama had an opportunity to take over the game, they turned the ball over or forced a bad shot.

This team is absolutely terrible, there's just no way around it. I sometimes wonder if we have any offensive sets other than drive, lose the ball, recover (hopefully) and pass to a man for a dunk or layup in the mad scramble.

Fortunately the team doesn't play again until Thursday night so they have some time to work on some things. Unfortunately, the game is at Vandy who is suddenly playing better after that embarrassing loss at home to the Gators.

Thank goodness for Gee in the first half or Alabama may have fallen behind big time in the 1st half. For the first ten minutes or so he was the only guy for the team who was really bringing it. Knox was sleepwalking most of the game, Coleman did little when in the game, Jemison was okay. The perimeter players continue to be incredibly underwhelming.

Green, however, is starting to blossom into a hell of a player. With the right coach next year and some work in the weight room I really think Jamychal could become an All-Sec player.

We really have no answer at point right now. As much as I like Mikhail, his early success seems to be due more to the fact that teams had not had an opportunity to scout him. Now that they have, he is really struggling to make much happen out there. Like the point guards of the past ten years, he likes to dribble too much and he has zero consistency with his jump shot.

The game from a basketball fan's point of view was atrocious, just atrocious. It boggles the mind that college-age kids can be so lacking in fundamental basketball skills and IQ.

Sorry for the bitching. I know a win is a win but, geez, the basketball on display is so hard to watch. Fogler on the television broadcast was brutally honest about the ineptitude of both teams and it was plain to see, even to a basketball layman.

The team still gives up way too many offensive rebounds. It's enough to drive you nuts. Free throw shooting was okay at first but as the game wore on, it went to hell. Perimeter defense once again sucked. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

It wasn't all bad though. For the first time in as long as I can remember, the team won the first four minutes of the 2nd half.

I also like that Pearson plays the scholarship players on the bench. I never understood the logic Gottfried employed in giving someone a scholarship that you then never played.

However, I will call Pearson out for the mass substitution he did in the first half. Bama has an 8-point lead and he puts in a group that can't produce points? As expected, Georgia goes on a run and ties the game. I thought that was a key sequence early when Bama had Georgia on the ropes and could have have really pushed the lead out. That was a clear example of Pearson's inexperience. I hope when he breaks down the tape he will recognize that.

I thought the officiating tonight was bad on several occasions. The most appalling moment was when the Georgia player slammed Hillman to the ground, almost breaking his fucking back. No flagrant foul call. Instead, just a regular two-shot foul that Hillman couldn't shoot because his back was almost broken.

Ultimately, I'm happy we got the win for the guys and coaches. I just hope they can make some improvements going forward. The NCAA is a long shot at this point, but another postseason tournament is still a possibility. At this point, I'll take what we can get.

One more thing. The crowd was bloody awful. Yeah, there were more people there than I thought but you could have packed the crowd with corpses and it would have achieved the same effect. No emotion from that crowd, even after the big bad Gottfried was run off. What is the deal? Don't they know that potential coaches will look at that in their decision-making process? Not to mention that the players have been through a hell of a lot. Would it kill the fans to get behind these guys? I see that and it makes me think yet again that the basketball program will never make it where we want it to be because not enough people truly care.

Off the soapbox and being put to bed. Nighty night.

Anonymous said...

double dose of ambien and a nyquil chaser for mitch.

avoid driving un til about 3 pm tuesday.

good night johnboy!

Anonymous said...

ok, which one of you are responsible for this???

bobbyjack said...

I think I'm gonna buy a snuggie and wear it to the LSU game this November. I'll go ahead and add an official Alabama Bockrath Elephant logo to it. If anyone else is interested in this I can get it done!

About the game... Mitchell pretty much recapped it to a tee. Looking atthe rest of the schedule we're going to be lucky to win 2 more games. I see a 4 game losing streak coming up.

bobbyjack said...

Since I strayed off topic... over 4 million snuggies have been sold. I'm sure we're going to see a few at Bryant-Denny next season.


DJC said...

A few positives...

I thought the guys seemed to have more of a bounce in their step. The last few games I saw under CMG, the team looked down and tight. Their body language before the game looked loose and more up beat to me.

We did a much better job of getting the ball into the post. We ran a play out of the high post where we throw the ball to the wing who quickly feeds the post, and this worked several times. Earlier in the season when we would try to get the ball down low, either the wing man would hold it too long and allow the defender to take away the passing lane, or our point guards would try to force it in directly without making the pass, often resulting in a turnover.

Transition defense was better at times, but we were still beat down the court on a few occassions.

Gee had a great game, and I thought Hillman's defense was a key to the game. He got some steals which led to some quick baskets.

I thought the crowd was pretty good for a game against the worst in the SEC. We probably had around 9,000 there, and they got into the game at times.

I like the fact that we use the bench, but I did not like the 5 man substituion in the 2nd half. I don't mind seeing that if everyone is struggling, but we were actually playing pretty good at the time. I also didn't like the switch to the zone in the 2nd half after UGA had been lighting us up from the perimeter, but thankfully they returned to their normal, awful shooting selves. We still can't get a rebound out of the zone though.

Up next, we go to Vandy Thursday night, where we haven't won since Coach Phillip Pearson was a player. I understand it's a 6pm Central tipoff on ESPN.

Anonymous said...


vandy in nashville.

tv game, espn no less.

they may can pierson after this one.

i'm hiding in my snuggie!

(you guys ain't gonna believe this!! snuggie is my word v.)

(ok, just kidding)