Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gee a man possessed... leads Bama to win over LSU

Gee was fliying all over the court, putting up another double-double and playing exceptional defense. His FG percentage wasn't good, but he did other things to make a difference today. 65-59 is your final.

Box score

The good:
- Gee's hustle
- Hillman driving the ball
- Shut down Mitchell and Temple
- Forced 17 turnovers

The bad:
- Hillman shooting the ball
- Ronald Steele was non-existent (again)
- Piss poor FT and 3 PT shooting

Some observations:
- Transition defense really sucks. Seriously, they couldn't cover me and 4 guys from my neighborhood.
- Little motion on offense. It's pretty much freelancing which is pretty damn sad.
- Hillman can amaze you and disgust you in a period of one minute.
- Ronald Steele isn't the PG he used to be. It's time to move him to the 2 guard slot and let someone else run the point.
- Free Mikhail Torrance! You mean to tell me that Hollinger and Andrew Steele are better than him? No freaking way... and I've watched all three of them play. He either did something to CMG or is hurt. Those are the only 2 options.
- Free Jemison as well. How do you go from a starter to not seeing the court?


MSmilie said...

If Alabama goes on to have a solid season, one of the pivotal plays may be Gee saving that ball out to Green late in the game today. That got the crowd into it [I could moan about the size of the crowd for an SEC opener, but what's the point. Yeah, I know it's Sunday, but if there was an Alabama football game at 12:30 on a Sunday, people would have shown up.]It's great to see Alonzo stepping up in his senior year. He's doing so many different things that we haven't seen him do in the first three years.

Also, I have to give the coaching staff credit for obviously reading my comments at this blog and moving Gee to cover Mitchell in the second half [Just kidding]. It resulted in Alabama slowing him down and leading to their largest lead of the game at nine. That's when Johnson stepped up for LSU and forced Alabama to go back to the bigger line-up.

I was happy to see Senario step up and make those free throws late, but his tendency to play out of control had me tearing my hair out.

I know Steele didn't play a great game today, but I want him at the point. He's going to have more good games there than bad this year. Despite the bad day, he did hit a big three, had a steal that led to a Gee lay-up, grabbed a rebound against one of the LSU interior players late in the game and then sacrificed his body going after a loose ball. I hope his foot is okay. He didn't play at the end and he had his shoe off.

A couple of other parts of the game that stood out:

Andrew hitting that big three. If I remember Bama was only up a point at that moment. I thought he played a solid game.

Jamychal didn't dominate, but I thought he played solid as well. He was physically outmatched by LSU, but he held his own.

I have no idea how Senario was not called for a foul when he ran over the LSU player to get the steal, the dunk and the free throw. That was a lucky break for Alabama.

Justin got rid of the high-top fade. I'm sad to see it go.

bobbyjack said...

You'd be surprised who reads this blog. Obviously they wanted me to be right for a change by winning by 6. (g)

Steele hasn't looked good for a few games now... and IMO I think we'll see more of these games than the GA Tech one.

I was hoping the Knox fade would turn into a Kid N Play high top. He had to let me down.

Anonymous said...

mitchell, what day it is isn't the point. it doesn't matter what day it is, what time it is. nobody cares. gottfried has so alienated the fan base that no one's going to show up anytime.

anyone remember the old ron steele??? did the old ron steele have bad games??? remember how close gottfried was to riding ron steele to another elite eight in '06???

note to senario hillman: watch ron steele closely. that's your future under mark gottfried.

bobbyjack said...

Don't worry, be happy finebammer.
You've been livin' on the edge of a broken heart.
You don't know what you got, 'til it's gone.
That's how we're livin' and you know... u can't touch this.

Guess the artists of the above lyrics and receive a bucket of pride.

DJC said...

Solid win, but Hillman's bad shots and our inept clock management at the end of both halves were frustrating. We played great D, but our offense was painful to watch, as usual.

I watched it in a bar, not in HD, and with no sound, so it was difficult at times to follow exactly what was going on. Everyone in the place was glued to the NFL game cheering for the Giants or Eagles.

Does anyone know if the game in Starkville Wednesday night is even televised?

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: I pull for my team regardless of the circumstances. I didn't see Kentucky fans not showing up when they were pissed with Tubby (or with the asshat coach they have now) or Indiana fans refusing to attend Mike Davis-coached games or UCLA fans refusing to sit through another Lavin-coached game. Why? Because they pull for their team, not the coach. Learn to separate the two, please. Alabama fans showed up at football games during the darkest days of the Dubose, Fran and Shula tenures. Why can't they do the same for the basketball team?

What does it say about a fan base that will only turn out when things are going well? When did Alabama fans adopt an Auburn mentality where it concerns basketball?

These guys are busting their ass to be a good team. Yes, the leadership is shaky, to say the least, but that doesn't mean the fans shouldn't support the players.

Of course, that's not going to mean a damn to you, Finebammer. After all you have a hard-on for Gottfried and you can't shut up about him, nor can anyone shut you up about him. So we'll leave you to your fantasies for the rest of the season. I'm done with your incessant whining. How old are you again?

DJC: The State game is not being televised, as far as I know. Something tells me we may not want to see it. State will come into that game with a lot of confidence after dismantling Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Mikhail isn't hurt or didn't do anything wrong to CMG. I hear that he dominates in practices but sees no time on the court- which is crazy. Maybe CMG has something against him or something because I did hear Pettway saying put Mikhail in at a game, & he didn't. Anyway, overall good game.