Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hogs too much down the stretch... wins 89-80

Box score

I thought overall the team played well. Not nearly as many transition baskets given up, the offense did show some signs of life, and the team fought to the very end.

Torrance played well in the 1st half, Knox played well the 2nd half, and Green had his best game of the year. I want to add that Brock looked good at the point.

Gee and Hillman struggled from the field again (Torrance did too in the 2nd half), we let another short white guy go nuts on us (Clarke), and Washington was too much offensively inside for our guys.

The good:
- FT shooting
- Good effort from our big men
- Pearson tried using many players

The bad:
- Arkansas shot over 50%
- "Held" Arkansas to 45% from beyond the arc.
- Guard play wasn't up to snuff

It is what it is... we're a team of athletes with not much shooting ability. We got 2 in the starting lineup that are the same player. If we had a shooter on this team we could be a contender.

Arkansas finally played a decent game (as all opponents seem to do against us). Sadly, their freshmen outplayed our upperclassmen. I can't blame the kids... it's what they've been used to their entire careers.


Anonymous said...

How many Alabama basketball games have you seen where a guy either comes out of NOWHERE and puts up a huge double-double or breaks out of a huge slump and shoots lights out?

It's so vintage Bama.

Anonymous said...

We're the only team in America running a Zone OFFENSE. (Get in a spot and stay there.)

Seriously, no, I WAS serious, there are offenses you run when you don't have a shooter, and we're not running those offenses.

2 days is not enough to change everything, but a little progress over the last part of the season will be appreciated.