Monday, January 12, 2009

I hate Mississippi State

I hate Mi$$i$$ippi $tate. I loathe them. I despise everything about them, including, but not limited to, the following:

I hate their colors.
I hate their cheers. "Maroon....white, Go, State...Go state" real creative there, guys.
I hate Starkville. What a craphole of a town.
I hate their fight song.
I hate their band.
I hate the fact that their band only knows one song, and plays it over and over.
I hate their coach.
I hate their coach's wife and her painted on face. What kind of a name Meo, anyway?
I hate their coach's obnoxious kids.
I hate their arena. The hump? More like, the dump.
I hate the way they sign kids from the Northeast who don't even know the coach's name.
I hate Mario Austin, Zimmerman, and Walter Sharpe, I don't care if he transferred.

I hate the guy who signed with an agent but came back to play for M$U anyway. Big guy, was a transfer from Baylor if I recall correctly, can't think of his name right now.

I hate the way they avoid NCAA infractions for the above obvious violations because even NCAA investigators don't want to have to spend any time in Starkville to investigate.

I hate their crop-duster flyovers.

I hate the entire state of Mississippi. The only purpose it serves is to make the drive to New Orleans inconvenient.

I hate their mascot. He's an UGA wannabe. The real bulldogs reside to our East.

I hate cowbells.

I hate their inferiority complex. Of course, being a second rate school to freakin' Ole Miss, I guess it's understandable. Ole Miss is second rate to everyone else in the country, and State doesn't even match up to them.

I hate the way those dumbasses route traffic after football games. They play in a glorified high school stadium, and it still takes 3 hrs to get out of there because they only open up one road leading out of campus.

I hate their radio announcers. They sound like they could kick the bucket at any moment.

I hate their Public Address Announcer who does both football and basketball games. He sounds like a prepubescent boy with a nasal cold.

Most of all, I hate their retarded, inbred, obnoxious, redneck fans. On second thought, I take that back...comparing obnoxious retarded rednecks to $tate fans is insulting to obnoxious, retarded, inbred, rednecks everywhere. I've been to every SEC school...Only place I've come close to getting into a physical altercation? Starkville. Only place where I've seen 70 yr old white trash bitches get into my gf's face and try to start something? Starkville.


I won't get to see the game Wednesday night, but I hope we kick their ass.


Anonymous said...

djc, we can come together on this.

one of my favorite things in the world is to buy tickets for the 'bama/state game at coleman in the middle of the state section and taunt them the whole game.

when they do their maroon/white cheer i'll shout right along, "baboons at night"! (don't ask what inspired that, i really don't know but they HATE it)

i'll ask them how many possum patties they counted on the way over.

after one game this half drunk state broad started mouthing off and i'd stomp my foot at her and yell, "git dog"! even her boyfriend laughed.

and i LOVE to ask if they think stansbury's gay. i truly believe he's never got an opportunity and another school because of that voice of his. that squeaky, high pitched, nasally voice. it just doesn't fit him.

bobbyjack said...

Never thought someone could despise a team more than I despise UGA.

I laughed.

Alias said...

I don't hate M$U but I do hate coach $tan$field! I hate Tennessee. I dislike api, but I hate Tennessee. Heck, I despise coach $tan$field! Now that I think about it, I'm not feeling so good about api anymore either. ;-)

Thank you, Coach Gottfried. For the first time since my wife children grew old enough not to be too much of a burden on my wife to be left alone with them 5 or 6 days during basketball season, I will miss our home games against both MSU and the Hogs. What hath God wrought?

Hville said...

To me, $tan$bury sounds just like Bill Clinton when he speaks.

Also, reason #14,678,654,098 to NEVER move to the state of Mississippi, did you know that we did nuke testing under Hattiesburg in the 60s? Hattiesburg is the only place east of New Mexico that we did this....

Anonymous said...

Enjoy last place suckers. Prepare to get run out of the Hump.

bobbyjack said...

Not that we're any good, but you did lose to Charlotte at home. You guys suck too... just happenned to catch the Hogs on a bad night.

Anonymous said...

oh and tuscaloosa is such a great town and alabama is soo good at basketball. who is the reigning sec west champs 2 years in a row? not alabama

Anonymous said...

When I was in college, we used to sing " We know four noootes!" Whenever the M$U band played that cheer.

Anonymous said...

Loser! You're just hate MSU because you can't beat them. Don't cry too hard, though.

Anonymous said...

What a faggot, first of all when has alabam beat us in basketball in the last century same in basbeall um cant think of any so shut the hell up. You probalyl didnt even go to alambama. but wait thats most of their s fans.......

Anonymous said...

alabama has too many fans that cant even spell tuscaloosa. get a life guys. we all know how shitty alabama is. the only thing you guys have going for yall is dreamland bbq. i dont even live in mississippi, but can obviously see where the "rednecks" are.