Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kentucky stats pack

The surging Wildcats come into Tuscaloosa for a pivotal game (at least for us).

Meeks comes in leading the world in scoring... OK, he's tops in the SEC (26.3) with Patterson (18.0) being a more than able supporting cast member. Who's gonna stop them?

I'm going to give some different stats than I normally do:
- 75.3 PPG (3rd SEC)
- 50% FG (1st)
- 82.5% FT (1st)
- 6.8 blocks (1st)
- 13.8 assists (3rd)

57% of their offense comes from Meeks and Patterson. If we could somehow shut down one of them we could pull the upset. I think we have a better chance shutting down Meeks... I don't see anyone on our team capable of handling Patterson down low.

Prediction: I think we hang tough with them. If the team isn't jacked about this game there is something wrong with them. In the end though, Kentucky creates a bunch of turnovers and pulls away late. Cats by 13.


Unknown said...

I talked to someone VERY close to the team Wed night and asked about morale since Ron has left and the person said "it's never been good, so it's really just same stuff different day"

I hope they can "get up" for this game but I'm not too confident they can.

bobbyjack said...

Thank you for that Jason... I thought team morale was low, but it was just a guess on my part.

I guess we'll see in 4 hours if this game is a catapult to good things or game that sinks this ship.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if the ship is goin' down, but the Captain sure is.