Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss St stats pack

They come in fired up after upsetting Arkansas in Fayetteville.
Season stats

- 46% FG
- 37% 3PT FG
- 69% FT
- roughly 9 blocks per game
- 16 turnovers per game

I have to believe Stewart and Bost don't drain 3s like they did in Fayetteville. Then again, history has shown we are terrible defending beyond the arc so who knows. Varnado might get a triple-double as we have no one that can match up with him inside on either end of the floor.

Prediction: Pain... and lots of it. With no real PG getting time (free Mikhail Torrance!) I see a sloppy game on our end and a possible blowout. I hope I'm wrong, but my gut feeling is Mississippi State by 20.


MSmilie said...

It won't surprise me if Ron starts this game. Obviously he won't play 36 minutes, but it wouldn't shock me to see him play some. We'll see.

Regardless, even with Ron, I wouldn't feel comfortable about this game. For starters, Bama has been an awful road team under Gottfried. Factor in State playing with confidence after the Arkansas road victory, and Bama's chances seem small.

I'm not sure it will be a blowout. Bama is in a better position this year to play without Ron. For one, they're a better defensive team. Second, Hillman and Gee have arguably been more instrumental in what success the team has had this year instead of Ron. They're better players than they were a year ago. It was Hillman who stepped up and iced the game on Sunday. It's been Gee who's been doing every thing asked of him to help the team win. Because of that, I think Bama can afford to miss Steele for a game or two without completely falling apart as they did last year.

Nevertheless, not having Ron on the floor will hurt. The guy, even injured, is a presence on the floor that the other team must focus on because of his potential to beat you. Brandon Hollinger, I'm sorry to say, doesn't bring that same presence.

I think it's the wrong decision to start Brandon. I like him, but his shot hasn't been there this year and I question whether he can handle prolonged defensive pressure.

Provided he's healthy, I do believe Torrance will see the floor tonight. It's an opportunity for him to prove he deserves more minutes. Hopefully, he'll have a good game. I really do think he can be a solid contributor this season.

Regardless who plays and who doesn't, Bama will have its hands full. State is the quicker of the two teams, I think, and, you're right, Bama has no one that will be able to guard or score against Varnardo.

Despite that, I'm going to predict that Bama keeps it close based on their defense and effort, but fall short at the end.

MSmilie said...

Go Mikhail! If he doesn't get more minutes after this game, then I give up.

bobbyjack said...

Word... I've been begging for him to play for 2 years now!

He's a pretty good basketball player.

MSmilie said...

Win or lose, Mikhail has earned himself more playing time after tonight. If not, then that says a lot about why coach is fighting for his job.

State can't miss right now.