Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ole Miss stats pack

Fresh from a beatdown from LSU (at home no less), Andy Kennedy leads his 1 legged team into Coleman for what should be a memorable game (of ineptitude).

Ole Miss stats (note that this is conference only stats)

I watched the game against LSU... or at least parts of it. I was not impressed. Huertas seems to be where the offense goes through, but he struggled. Terrico White is a true freshman that can put up points, but so far has been inconsistent. In conference play he's their leading rebounder. Holloway is another freshman to watch, although I think between Green and Knox they'll eat his lunch.

The stats:
- 41% FG
- 31% 3PT FG
- 67% FT
- +4.3 rebound margin
- 15.7 turnovers a game

Prediction: two bad teams enter... one bad team wins. The better bad team is Alabama... by 11. I think it'll be close for a while as the players are still feeling the effects of no Ronald Steele on the team. There's no TV for this one so you can either listen here or follow via gametracker (I prefer it over ESPN).


MSmilie said...

I was prepared to agree that Bama would probably win tonight. And they still might. Now with Ron Steele's admission that his injury is not the reason he left the team, I don't know what will happen tonight. Will the guys show up? If they do, will any of them feel like playing basketball?

The program is in the toilet without any further doubt. I figured Gottfried would make it to the end of the season, but now, I don't know. Even a win tonight isn't going to bring much joy.

However, I have to criticize Ron for his decision to bail out on his teammates. Seriously. I can understand a player being frustrated with a coach, but to bail on your team at the halfway point of the season is not cool. Grit your teeth, rally your team around you and try to finish strong.

Regardless, I'm now all for the University making a move right now. I think they have to. After this bit of news, whatever positive feelings I had for the team to finish as best they could is gone. If I feel that way, how are the players feeling three hours before tip-off.

Hard Times.

Anonymous said...

Players should never be allowed to hold a team hostage. If Gottfried goes, Steele doesn't come back. And I WANT Gottfried to go.

bobbyjack said...

Maybe he saw Gottfried was hindering him more than helping him. I don't have a problem with him quitting if his biggest problem is with the coach. It's better off this way... the team is not in the middle of the conflict.

Well I guess CMG HAS to play Torrance now. He has no choice.

Hville said...

On a separate note, Seth Greenberg just pulled a huge upset, with VT winning AT #1 Wake Forest....