Monday, January 19, 2009

Random stuff- Realistic top 5 coaches to replace our HC, Smoltz to the Red Sox, and more

As we all know the end is near for CMG as coach here, I decided to think long and hard about 5 realistic current HC that would come here and would be a good fit/upgrade.

1) Anthony Grant (VCU)- he was from all reports to be the next Gator HC until Eddie Munster had a change of heart and came back. He seems to be the most popular amongst Alabama basketball fans. Me... I see him as a risk, but I'd be happy if we got him.

2) Brad Stevens (Butler)- he inherited a great situation from Todd Lickliter (who left for Iowa) winning 30 games last year. I think he's a up and coming HC, but my worry is he could be a Stan Heath in waiting... meaning he could be at his peak right now. He is in his 2nd year as HC at Butler.

3) Seth Greenberg (Virginia Tech)- he's an interesting one as winning there is somewhat of a miracle especially being in the ACC. He coaches up his players... he has to. He's a 2 time ACC coach of the year. The downside... I think he's happy there, but it won't hurt to gauge his interest.

4) Tubby Smith (Minnesota)- obviously the man can coach, but can he bring in top notch players? He didn't do too well at Kentucky and he's coaching someone else's kids at Minnesota so that's a valid point. He did have success at Tulsa and UGA so maybe his niche is a school with a basketball 2nd approach.

5) Scott Drew (Baylor)- he's ressurrected a program that was Auburn bad into a top 25 team. Of the 5, I feel the most comfortable with him as he covers all the things I'm looking for: good evaluator of talent, exciting offense, and can rebuild/reload a program.

Mind you, I'm also alright with hiring a high ranking assistant coach from a top tier program. When I say top tier I'm talking UNC, UConn, Kansas, UCLA, Pitt, and other teams in that realm. I failed to mention Duke... their former assistants (Amaker, Snyder) haven't done so well as HCs

John Smoltz to the Red Su... uh Sox
While my Yankees spend the GDP of Cuba on three overpriced players (CC, Burnett, and Teixeria), the Red Sox get one of the best big game pitchers of this generation for $5 million (performance could double his salary). Great move by the Sox... if Smoltz is ready by June (and he should be) it deepens their already deep rotation. While the Yankees sign the "wow" names, the Red Sox use their financial savy to get IMO the steal of free agency.

Alabama stats compared to the nation
From (a great website to research teams). I pulled the offensive side.
RPI- 134
SOS- 115
Offense- 100 (9th SEC)
Assists- 317 (last SEC)
Rebounds- 21st (3rd SEC)
FG%- 158 (9th SEC)

We're 0-4 vs the top 100 RPI.

The state of the SEC
When the polls come out later today it will still be void of any SEC team (for the 2nd straight week). That's embarrassing. Florida probably gets in there next week providing they don't slip up, but if they do it could be another couple of weeks before Kentucky saves us from this embarrassment. SEC basketball = Big East football right now.


MSmilie said...

Anthony Grant is a risk, but so was Donovan. It gives me a good feeling that Foley did not hesitate to contact Grant when Donovan was flirting with the Magic.

Brad Stevens has done a hell of a job at Butler, particularly this year. He's another risk. But compared to what we have now, take the risk.

Maybe I'm the only one, but I don't think Seth Greenberg is a great coach. I would prefer a great coach.

Tubby can bring in top notch recruits. His first recruiting class at Minnesota was Top 25 and his current class is rated 18th right now.
The job he's doing at Minnesota only proves how good he is. The guy just knows how to win. He preaches tough defense and he's passionate, which has been absent from the Bama program for some time. Personally, I think Tubby has a good gig where he's at and would be crazy to leave it. He's a god up there.

There's no question Scott Drew can recruit great players. My only problem with Drew's teams at Baylor has been a lack of toughness at times, and they're a terrible defensive team. When they win, it's usually because they outscore the other team.

I really like Scott Sutton at Oral Roberts. Since he's been there, Oral Roberts has been at the top of their conference. The question is, can he make the next step, and would he be able to recruit consistently?

bobbyjack said...

Sutton at ORU is a good one as well. The only thing I hold against him is he might've learned some "tricks" from his dad.

The more I read and hear about Greenberg the more I like about him. I see some similarities between him and Rick Barnes. If he's 75% the coach CRB is we'd be a happy fanbase.

DJC said...

I'm not willing to concede that Sean Miller or Tony Bennett can't be had. That needs to be our first choice.

Anonymous said...

1st call Bobby Knight
2nd call Mike Anderson

Anonymous said...

here we go with the obligatory dumbass "bobby knight" recommendation.

good grief!

Anonymous said...

bj, it's funny, the steinbrenners keep talking about developing players in their farm system but they just can't stand it. it's like don shula and dan marino. don kept talking about run game and defense but when it was crunch time, that magic arm was like crack. ditto that steinbrenner wallet.

and the red sox are supposed to be worried about sabathia??? or texiera???

and when are these players going to figure it out?? randy johnson. a-rod. johnny damon. any one heard from bobby abreu lately??? clemens. petitte due to his ties with clemens. look at the jason giambi that came from oakland and the sad remnant that remains.

all drawn in by the big money and the pinstripes. all left with their lives or careers in turmoil.

even the great mike mussina has to listen to questions about his potential hof status.

and the new stadium? google yankee stadium bonds. i'll save you the trouble.

they're not only blowing through their own money but the taxpayers money, too. (maybe illegally)

Anonymous said...

And the equally stupid mindless retort. Great grief!!

bobbyjack said...

DJC- I think Miller is either a lifer at Xavier or he's taking a job at a top tier program (Arizona maybe). Bennett could be had though... and I'd want him as much as the five I listed.

finebammer- from what I understand the loan is going to be paid off with interest by the Yankees. I agree it seems a bit shady. As far as pumping the farm system you have to realize that our farm system is rich pitching wise, but bare with position players.

Mike Anderson- I don't see why he'd leave Missouri for us unless he's unhappy there.

Bob Knight- I don't think he has it in him anymore to coach 100%.

MSmilie said...

I like Bob Knight. I really. But at this point in his life, he isn't the fit for anyone. He got Texas Tech on its feet, but then promptly left the program with his son who is slowly bringing it down.

Also, there's just too much baggage with Knight. I want a young coach. Someone who might not be there forever, but someone who can connect with the players and excite the fanbase.

Missouri is a better job than Alabama right now. It wouldn't be a step up for Mike Anderson. Plus, he has yet to prove that he can win consistently at a major conference school. He has yet to take Missouri to the NCAA Tournament.

Sean Miller has built Xavier into an annual Top 20 program. There's no reason for him to leave unless a major job came calling for him.

Bennett is a possibility. If his team this year is any indication, he's running out of chances to get out of Pullman while the iron is hot. I would expect him to be interested in several job openings at the end of the season for the sake of his own career. Alabama could be one of those.