Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ronald Steele elects to end his Alabama career

Plantar fasciiltis is the last straw. Or was it something else? Regardless, I feel bad for the kid.
From al.com blog

Good luck to him in his future endeavors.

Objectivity aside... IMO RS was run into the ground a couple years ago. Being the gamer, he tried to play through injuries in 2007 and probably hurt himself more. It's sad his career had to end like this...


DJC said...

Thanks to Ron for his contributions and best of luck. It's a shame injuries did him in. Averaging more than 40 mins per game his sophomore year probably did not help matters.

I say we take the redshirt off of Brock, if he's healthy enough. Brock was signed as a backup plan for Ron, and it's still relatively early in the season. We need more depth at PG.

Alias said...

Thank you, Ron, for all you have given to and done for our program. If Pettway can't coach the team the rest of the season, perhaps Ron could.

Thanks alot, Getfired! You've really done wonders for this fine young man. Why don't you take the honorable way out and resign today, ala Tubberville. Mal could announce that we'll pay you the balance of your salary monthly "because it's the right thing to do."

Anonymous said...

start packing your bags coach b/c this team isn't winning many games w/o a healthy steele at the point.

Anonymous said...

This is so unfortunate. I'm a senior in college and I was talking to my friends about Ronald Steele as a sophomore in High School! He was a prized recruit who proved himself in his first 3 seasons for Alabama. It's sad and unfortunate that his career has to end this way. He was a great player who had the potential of being a star in the NBA. Godspeed Ronald.