Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Steele doubtful for MSU game

From the coach's mouth.

Maybe Torrance might see the court... I doubt it. Our coach will find a way to squeeze 35 minutes out of Hollinger.


MSmilie said...

Hollinger has already been announced as the starter. I would be shocked if State doesn't press the hell out of Hollinger.

Poor Ron. I hope he has a backup plan to basketball.

And, Finebammer, keep your fingers off your coffee-stained keyboard. Gottfried didn't do this to Steele. The kid has just been unlucky. How many other players were forced to play long minutes during Gottfried's tenure that didn't go through the same bad breaks themselves? Answer: a lot.

bobbyjack said...

I saw that and said to myself we're going to have a million turnovers.

Finebammer has a point with Steele... he AVERAGED more than 40 MPG 2 years ago. You find me a PG that logged that many minutes in college for a season.

MSmilie said...

Here's something to watch for in the game tomorrow. If Steele does not play, then Mikhail Torrance needs to realize he's being given an opportunity and he needs to step up and play well when in the game.
For all of us who have wanted him to play more, we may get our wish tomorrow. But can he make some plays and gain himself some playing time going forward. He will be important if Steele doesn't play because I'm not sure Bama can afford to play Hollinger at the point for the whole game, particularly if State comes after Brandon. Mikhail needs to be ready to play, and play well. He could be an x factor tomorrow night.

BTW: Are you watching what Jodie Meeks is doing to Tennessee. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

you know what would have been nice??

if dumbass gottfried would have treated ron's knees like he's now treating his feet.

i think at this point it's important to recall the (over) THREE FUCKING MONTHS dumbass rode ron's knees trying to play him.

in november of '06 reports started surfacing of pain in ron's knees. in early december he started missing game time. we're told by the gottfried butt sniffing media the (quacks) doctors diagnosed this situation as "tendonitis" and the prescription was ride him some more. gottfried throws jim andrews name out as cover. i called paul finebaum's show around this time questioning what was going on and was ripped to shreds by paul for daring to question the wisdom and expertise of jim andrews. ( i question whether jim andrews actually physically examined ron steele before february of '07)

january '07. the b'ham news publishes an interview with ron where he states he's trying to "psyche" himself into believing the pain that THREE EVENTUAL KNEE SURGERIES WERE REQUIRED TO HEAL, wasn't there. all a figment of his imagination.

(it was jus my 'magination.......runnin' wayyyyyyy wit me........)

it was after the tennessee game (remember ron dragging himself up and down the court before TAKING HIMSELF OUT MITCHELL???) that we started reading curious reports of a "second" injury pn that game to ron's knee. at this point ole finebammer starts scratching his old, bald head. when, his posits, was THE FIRST KNEE INJURY???

hadn't we been told it was tendonitis??? (by the all seeing, all knowing, knee allah andrews???)

if there was a second, by logical deductive reasoning, shouldn't there have been a first??? sarc/off

(probably happened while ron was running gassers in practice)

late february '07. ron steele's parent meet with gottfried. (if you're to believe him)

it's finally at this point gottfried announces the concensus coming out of that meeting is the sit ron.

but just to make sure, probably at the behest of the (quacks) doctors, gottfried trys to play ron once more in the first round sec tournament game. ssdd.

so to put a bow on all this mitch, you're goddamn right. i blame mark gottfried for standing there in practice, standing there courtside, watching ron suffer and in three and one half FUCKING MONTHS not THINKING TO HIMSELF, hey, maybe the (quacks) doctors are wrong, maybe i should do something just soooooo completely out of the box like benching ron until we can determine what's really wrong here.

but you know mitch, maybe you are right. maybe i'm just being too tough on the old boy. after all, maybe he was just trying to win games. trying to show the critics. trying to prove he REALLY belonged on that wooden board with those other hall of fame coaches.

maybe the pressure to win just didn't afford him the time to worry about the health and well-being of a nba lottery pick player.

maybe i am jus' livin' on the edge of a broken heart. (i don't wanna cry, i don't wanna cry)

MSmilie said...

Finebammer: I have a question. If what you write has any truth to it, why would Ron return to play for the man who has hurt his chances to play at the next level? Why would his parents allow that? And, furthermore, why would they allow Andrew to go play for the same coach?

It seems to me you've created this story in your bald noggin without a lot of hard evidence to back up your story. I'm going to have to treat it as bullshit and move on.

Anonymous said...

mitch, i can't logically answer your questions. and believe me when i say i've ask myself those questions many times.

i also can't tell you why jim jones followers drank the kool aid in guyana.

i can't tell you why those hale-bopp idiots killed themselves.

i can't tell you why david koresh burned his compound in waco.

what i can tell you is there's a lot of spin and a lot of questions around what went on with ron steele's knees.

and if you've got your head up mark gottfried's ass you'll never know the truth.

ask yourself this question mitch.

why is it the two best nba talents gottfried's recruited in his tenure at alabama, gerald wallace and mo williams, left early.

i know one of them. and i know why. gerald wallace left because mark gottfried can't coach and he was wasting his time there. i advised his family not to send him there at all.

gerald's mother wanted him there and gerald wanted to stay there. but in the end the evidence was just too overwhelming. he was not going to advance himself under gottfried.

those are facts my friend. call it what you want.

that elite eight run was a fluke. i was told that by other basketball fans from around the country at the time. i resisted the notion but time has bore it out.

you and other accuse me of bitching and whining but you all go back and read what you post after going to these games and giving gottfried your seal of approval.

yeah, maybe i'm a bitch. i'm not a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

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