Saturday, January 03, 2009

Thirty Two Good Minutes And Eight That Were Not So Good

Bobby Jack and DJC have said most of what needs to be said about today's game (including DJC's plagiarizing my planned title for this entry), so I'll offer a suggested explanation for Gottfried's substitution "pattern" at this point of the season. We appear to have 7 or perhaps 8 kids who are capable of playing basketball at the level necessary to compete at the major college level. You might want to look at who played how many minutes today to get a feel for who those players are. Here are some possible explanations for why 9 names appear in the box score.

Jemison had to come into the game because Green, Knox and Coleman all got into foul trouble. Hollinger gives it everything he has; but his body just does not have enough to give. (In spite of his limitations - or perhaps because of them - Brandon remains my favorite player on this team.) Andrew Steele shows considerable potential but still is a work in progress.

The quality of performance appears to diminish considerably when CMG has to put any other than his best seven (or eight?) players on the court. That appears to answer my question of several days ago (and DJC's which he repeated again today) about why Torrance does not play.

Even with the foul problems, that means our best seven players each had to play lots of minutes. That problem was exaserbated by several stupid fouls commited by our starters. Most of the ones who did play all those minutes looked tired at times during the last eight minutes when Tech ate into our lead. Ron Steele was among the tired players. The fatigue appeared to uncover the areas where our individual playrs have not developed sound fundamental disciplines. It also makes their ineffective (absent?) teamwork more noticeable.

It also would be nice if we could learn to inbound the ball. Has anyone ever suggested to our players that they might set picks for one another to help get the ball into bounds? Our coaches do know what a pick is, don't they?

Maybe the team will improve. We can only hope so, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Roll Tide!

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