Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Torrance, Gee, lead Bama past Ole Miss 76-73

Box score

Considering all the bad news surrounding the Ronald Steele departure, I thought the team played well under the circumstances. Torrance hit all our our 3s (5-8), Gee non-stop hustled, Jemison with 4 blocks off the bench, and Hillman dishing 6 assists... wow. Yes I realize Ole Miss isn't good, but they brought it and we held on for the win.

The good:
- 55% FG
- Shut down everyone except Huertas
- Brock in limited action was better than expected

The bad:
- Huertas went off
- 65% FT... got to do better than that

I like the way the team played today. They really seemed to move the ball around better than they have all year. I'd like to see more of this.


MSmilie said...

It's been a tough week, but I have to say I'm proud of the way this team played tonight.

It wasn't a perfect game [their defense continues to struggle] but I thought everyone played well at some point in the game.

Mikhail was solid all game, Senario and Alonzo had a great second half, the interior guys were a little dicey but still played hard and Brock came in and played seven good minutes. Jemison came in and contributed. And, Andrew, I was happy to see, helped do a stellar job on Huertas in the second half [He only had 6 points in the half].

Their offense was very solid. If they had played better defense the game would not have been close. I was also happy to see them come back from several deficits.

Nevertheless, the team could have lost the game at the end with only a one-point lead. Alonzo has to step up and knock down those free throws. They also have to do a better job of limiting offensive rebounds. Ole Miss gets a second chance at the end there. Fortunately, they missed several easy shots over the course of the game.

It was a big win. With Kentucky coming in Saturday and a road game at Arkansas after that, they couldn't afford to lose this game.

Alias said...

I'm glad the team won and proud of the kids who played well but I watched the prior seasons recap and the new two hour episode of "Lost" tonight. If the AD's office is not listening then perhaps the sponsors are. For the first time since 1973 I no longer listen to Bama Basketball games on the radio because they are just too painful to suffer.