Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Transition D still sucks, Clemson holds off Bama...

... I lost count how long we went between FGs in the 2nd half. I think I was up to 9 minutes. Anyways, we played well in the 1st half, but didn't hit shots in the 2nd.

Box score

The good:
- Half court D was solid
- Full court press created turnovers
- Shut down Booker and Oglesby
- Never quit even down by 14 late in the 2nd half. Cut it down to 6 w/ under a minute to play.

The bad:
- Couldn't throw the ball in the ocean
- Transition defense as bad as I've seen under CMG (and that's saying something!)
- Abysmal from 3 point land

We lost to a much better team, but a team that played miserably against us. These are the type of games you steal on the road. I'm all for moral victories if we played well and lost... that did not happen tonight.

A couple of other notes:
1) Ronald Steele needs to move to the 2 spot. He possesses the PG mentality, but no longer has the skill. He has a hard time penetrating and routinely gets burnt by the opposing PG. I said he should've been moved there at the beginning of the season.
2) Brandon Hollinger cannot hit a 3 from the new line. Actually, most of his shots aren't even close.
3) Mikhail Torrance must have kicked Gottfried's dog. That's the only reason why he's not playing.
4) Gee continues to take at best questionable shots.
5) All of the above falls on the head of the head coach. No corrections 14 games into the season and don't expect it to happen this year.

As I write this, the preseason 6th best team in the West (Arkansas) is 22.5 seconds away from beating their 2nd top 10 team in a week. Which coach would you rather have?

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Anonymous said...

and pelphrey's doing this WITHOUT HIS BEST PLAYER.

compare that to gottfried's performance last year.