Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alabama stats thru 2-8-09

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Things that stuck out:

- 31% 3PT FG... no suprise there, but that's pathetic
- 69.7% FT... a bunch of FT masons
- 10.8 Assists per game... AUful and last in the conference.
- 13.6 Offense rebounds per game... makes sense since we put up so many bad shots. 11th BTW in conference.
- 4.7 Blocks... no one fears taking it inside against us. Again, 11th best in the SEC.

Digest that.


Anonymous said...

Is alabama going to make it to the big house? I would love to see them in the bubble I can see them going to final 8

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping that English is a second language for "free nba picks". Either that or he is stoned out of his mind.

Anyways, this is definitely THE WORST Bama team in the last 10 years. Even the teams that didn't make the tournament were at least competitive and had some solid players that made them at least fun to watch.

I guess this seasons was necessary to get Gottfried fired.

Hville said...

The irony: how in the hell did we beat an LSU team that is 8-1 in league play at this point???

DJC said...

One thing I'll give CMG credit for, he recruited good citizens. I'm not too worried about us going to the "big house."

As far as the final 8 goes, maybe of the CBI, and that's being overly optimistic.

bobbyjack said...

The team is going to the big house? WTH is this about?

We'll be lucky to be in the final 8 of the SECT.