Saturday, February 14, 2009

Controversal call clips Crimson

South Carolina wins it 75-73 on a last second tip in. Another heartbreaking loss for the team... I wonder if this is the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Box score

Like I said in comments... I only saw part of the 1st half, so I can't comment much about the game.

What I can comment on is the pathetic crowd for the game. Being that most of the tickets have been sold, it's downright embarrassing to see a sparce crowd out to see us play against a pretty good Gamecock squad. Yes, I realize the season is about in the tank, but we had quite a few football seasons in the recent past (2000, 2003, 2006) yet people filled up the stands anyways. I get it... we're a football school, but a pathetic fan showing like this isn't going to win us a top name coach.

That rant was geared to the season ticket holders that for the most part bought tickets for the primary reason of upgrading their football tickets. This program is the abortion known as Tide Totals. This "program" is geared to raise more $$ for athletics which is fine, but what it does for actual fan support is almost criminal. Of course most of us know where the vast majority of this money is going.

Student support... let's leave it as many of them rather drive back to where ever home is every weekend in the winter than stick around Tuscaloosa. It was that way when I was in school and it hasn't changed.

Maybe xCMG saw the writing on the wall before any of us did. It still doesn't excuse his effort the past 2 years, but maybe it was on his mind.

I remember the last couple years under Hobbs and IMO we are in a far worse spot than that.


Anonymous said...

"I remember the last couple years under Hobbs and IMO we are in a far worse spot than that."

this is why i've had such a militant attitude about the gottfried situation.

i've seen all this coming. and that doesn't make me some sort of seer. just seen it all before.

the end for gottfried was simply a replay of the disaster for the three coaches before him.

and it's NOT the fault of the fans.

unless there's a legitimate commitment by the athletic dept. and the university, this ugly scenario will be replayed over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

This is how bad the crowd was. They rarely made ANY noise. When Bama was up and playing great the commentators even mentioned that the crowd was quiet.

The worst came in the final minute when the game was tied and the fans were silent. It was pathetic.

The team played a good game. If they'd been playing like that all year they'd be on the bubble at least.