Monday, February 09, 2009

First crack at ranking the top 25 teams in the country

Feel free to disagree... but you know deep down I'm right! (g)
This is the blog poll... maybe us bloggers have a better feel for rankings than the AP and coaches.

1 Connecticut
2 North Carolina
3 Oklahoma
4 Pittsburgh
5 Duke
6 Memphis
7 Louisville
8 Wake Forest
10 Xavier
11 Marquette
12 Butler
13 Villanova
14 Clemson
15 Missouri
16 Illinois
17 Michigan St.
18 Kansas
19 Utah St.
20 Arizona St.
21 Washington
22 Texas
23 Gonzaga
24 Louisiana St.
25 Purdue


Anonymous said...

I still think Davidson is a top 25 team, even if they haven't beat any top teams yet. If they get a 7-10 seed in March Madness, I would hate to be the 1 or 2 seed near them.

They have a huge target on them that they didn't have this year, they also don't have Jason Richards but that's not to say they can't make a run again. You never know with Curry.

bobbyjack said...

Some more Big East teams will fall out. Whoever gets Davidson in the 1st round is gonna crap their pants.

Anonymous said...

i don't like ucla in the top ten.

that big razorback win over texas ain't lookin' so big now, eh?

what are they doing still ranked?

Anonymous said...

Living out west I've been watching a good bit of Mt West Conf games lately on their network. While there is no one dominant team there are 4 pretty good ones (Utah, BYU, UNLV and San Diego St) and any of these could make a run in the dance. I think UNLV has been to the last 2 sweet 16's and I know Utah hammered LSU this year.

Any of these 4 teams could win the SEC this year, but that's not anything to brag about. Much like football, none of them have tremendous athletes but are fundamentally sound, make few mistakes and shoot the ball well. There's a lot of Euros and Aussies on these teams so that explains a lot of the style of play. All 4 will probably make the dance since the mid-majors aren't very good this year. The bottom half of the conference is bad, really bad.

Has anyone stumbled onto a Utah State game this year? I'd like to see them play before the tourney. I'm sure they'll be a part of bracket busters. They've been good for years but I heard they have a ton of seniors and this is their year. I've worked near Utah State's campus a few times in Logan and it's a scenic place surrounded by mountains on all sides. But good luck trying to find a strong beer or mixed drink, or hell, a bar for that matter.

MSmilie said...

Utah State is playing St. Mary's in the Bracket Busters this year. Unfortunately, Patrick Mills is out with a broken hand so even if Utah State wins it will be with an asterisk. Davidson is playing Butler in the Bracket Busters, which should be a fantastic game.

Ultimately I think Utah State, despite their ranking, will not receive a seeding under an 8. They have one quality win against Utah. They will probably have to finish the year undefeated in their conference in order to draw an automatic bid. However, they very well could make a run in the tournament. Stew Morrill is a great basketball coach who has been nothing but consistent while he's been there.

Davidson will be a tough draw, but I don't think they're capable of making the run they did last year simply because Curry has no one to feed him the ball. Richardson was so very important to their run last year.

I think 3 teams is more likely for the Mountain West conference, though four teams getting in wouldn't surprise me simply because they're just behind the SEC in the RPI conference rankings and, well, the SEC sucks.