Sunday, February 08, 2009

Good first 10 minutes... horrific rest of the game

76-62 is the final... LSU was up by as much as 24 I believe.

The good:
- first 10 minutes of the game
- Jemison taking advantage of PT due to Green's injury

The bad:
- Hillman, Torrance, and Gee couldn't find the basket
- horrific defending the 3
- horrific in transition

This is one of those games you forget about. I thought we made some serious progress in the last 3 games... and took 5 steps back after this one.

I like what Pearson is doing with the bench, but NEVER should Brock and Hollinger be on the court AT THE SAME TIME. I can't remember the last time I saw 2 under 6 foot gurds on the court at the same time, but I want to make sure I don't see that again in a game played by my beloved school.


MSmilie said...

Things are so bad even when they jumped out to the early lead, I was just waiting for LSU to make a run.

My ESPN Full Court Broadcast was screwed up [damn digital cable] so I listened to most of the game online. Stewart and Passink sound utterly exhausted with this season. Passink in the later stages of the game actually began questioning Bama's toughness and their decision-making. The season just can't end soon enough for me.

bobbyjack said...

I should've posted the online video broadcast. My bad.

Despite the bad reviews I'm not ready for this season to end yet. I want to REALLY see if next season brings hope or more agony. I've seen enough from Brock, Torrance, Knox, and Green to say we might have a chance. The other returning players I really wonder about.

Alias said...

All of the players mentioned by Bobby Jack are so fundamentally lazy that I don't think the damage can be repaired mid season. Pearson has to pick his poison. Does he try to teach them how to block out, set picks, get back in transition and drill all those things every practice or does he try to teach them some sort of offensive philosophy. I honestly hope the returning nucleus of players does not exhibit the symptoms many of the football stars displayed during Nick Saban's first season.

This problem is like the economy: It's not going to be fixed over night and we easily could make it worse if we do not hire someone who knows what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how we continue to have to clue on how to stop an opponent's big run. 17-0? That's just ugly. The team plays way too fast during these runs and it causes us to rush shots, shoot bad shots, turn the ball over and not get back in transition D. Pearson did a good job in calling time out early in this run but he should have burnt another one, or two.

When opponents up the pace play gets frantic and we get demoralized. Slowing down the tempo is the first step but since we have no good point guards that's tough. I've never seen our guys miss so many point blank shots.

I repeat my earlier comment that we didn't make any progress the previous 3 games...we looked better because the competition sucked.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst team we've had in the last 10 years. No PG, no outside shooting and very little post presence.

Even the teams that didn't make the dance were at least competitive.

DJC said...

I missed the first half thanks to a wreck on I80, but that 2nd half was about as uninspired and pathetic of a performance as I have ever seen. The refs were letting them play, and LSU was physical, we were soft.

Anonymous said...

alias, you said a mouthful.

it's easy to call pearson a "gottfried clone" and rip him.

but i truly don't believe those who really care understand the mess mark gottfried has left. you're seeing the culmination of years of incompetent basketball coaching.

someone on this blog stated when at a practice early in the season gottfried did the bulk of the "coaching" and the assistants were kept out of his way.

gottfried recruited these guys, he's coached them and this is the result. a big mess that isn't going to be corrected overnight.

but i refuse to believe that sitting players is the answer.

yes, these guys need to earn playing time.

but they also need to learn to work within the framework of a 9 to 10 player rotation. in the long run this team is going nowhere playing 6/7 players in a rotation. that will also help recruiting. i don't have to tell you players go where they think they're going to play.

this didn't have to be this way. had gottfried been canned after ron steele's knee surgery was announced (when he should have been) we'd be two seasons into correcting this mess with a new coach.

but he wasn't. and here we are.

bobbyjack said...

Maybe you're right RMHT... we looked decent due to the competition, but there are a few good things Pearson is doing that xCMG did not.

1) Playing the bench- I honestly can say the team is playing harder now than they were earlier this season.

2) Getting the assistant coaches in on the huddle- in the past they just lingered in the background during timeout and rarely did I see their mouths move. Now, it seems that PP is getting input from them.

Finebammer- I agree with your comments. I was one of those that thought PP was a MG clone, but so far it doesn't seem to be the case. Like I said before, it's really hard to deprogram something ingrained over a 3 and 4 years in the players.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the gist of Alias' comments. However, I would substitute the word "unsound" for "lazy". Living in Tuscaloosa, seeing them around town, and knowing people who know them I think all those mentionned (and adding Steele, Hillman, Jemison, and Coleman)are solid young men with good attitudes who have not been pushed, i.e., coached in a manner that delevops their strentgths. To the contrary bad habits have been encouraged. I cannot say for sure that we have no attitude problems; but, I don't think so. Green can be a great player.Steele can be outstanding. Jemison continued to show us yesterday that he can be a winning role player in the SEC. He does not have the talent to be an SEC star or starter; but, neither did Cliff Windham (and others over the years)and he was always there making crucial plays that led to wins. The other returning players all have strengths and I don't think they are "lazy". With the right coach, these 8 provide a strong nucleus. That's what mekes the last two and a half years so frustrating. The Ath Dept is late; but, there's no time like the present. (I also respect Coach Pearson's efforts and hope he and all the assistants land on their feet.)

MSmilie said...

I don't think Pearson is a Gottfried clone either. Remember: he's been trying to get out of there for years. Maybe he saw the writing on the wall?

The only thing I see them still doing under Pearson is still running that horrific UCLA high-post offense, but in all fairness, Pearson doesn't really have time to teach a new offense to these guys. All he can do really is try and have them ready to play and hope that they can sustain an effort for 40 minutes.

If I have a criticism, I would say that Pearson needs to do something with this team defensively. I thought going to that high-post zone yesterday was new, but they dropped it just as quickly. I've also liked the team pressing more. At this point in the season, playing 9-10 guys, why not employ the press more?

Anonymous said...

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