Thursday, February 05, 2009

Great 1st half, but Vandy trip up Alabama 79-74

This was ours for the taking, but Vandy made an early second half run and we played catchup the rest of the way. Overall, I was happy with how we played.

Box Score

The was the best 1st half of basketball on the road I've seen from Alabama in 3 years. The second half... not so good, but I was pleased to see the team didn't quit when they fell down by 11 points.

Hack a Ogilvy worked... he was terrible at the line and we took advantage of it.

The good:
- Brock's hot shooting in the 2nd half brought us back in the game.
- Overall we did a good job on Ogilvy inside.
- Guard play was outstanding... until the last 2 minutes.
- FT shooting... Torrance especially.

The bad:
- Shot selection.. terrible by a couple of players.
- Defensvive breakdowns in the 2nd half.
- Rebounding late... Vandy crashed the boards and we didn't block out.

I really like what Pearson is doing with this squad... everyone is getting PT. You can see how much better the team is playing as a whole.

My gripe is Hillman's shot selection. Time after time he takes some of the silliest shots you can think of. He plays out of control most of the time... and while he is an exciting player in the open court, he's not so good in a half court set. Someone needs to sit his ass on the bench when he does this... and our next HC probably will. For all his positives, he has more negatives to his game IMO. He can't shoot but continues to do so, has issues handling the ball while being guarded, and his decision making has a lot to be desired. I'm really getting tired of seeing this from him game after game. It's frustrating!


Anonymous said...

it's really sad to think of what alonzo gee could have been under competent instruction.

still, improvement is evident. we played a well-coached, established sec program at a traditional house-of-horrors for us.

had a chance to win.

life after mark gottfried.

is that a lite at the end of the..........???????

one day, if we're lucky, chris stewart is gonna call b'ball AND football.

one day.

Anonymous said...

i just heard something unbelievable.


if that's not an indictment on the incompetence of mark gottfried, i don't know what is.

bobbyjack said...

We played 10 guys. I thought that was against NCAA basketball rules.

Crazy thing was everyone played at least 9 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving that CPP is going more into the bench so that players won't get burnout quickly...overall good game even thought bama got the L.

MSmilie said...

Absolutely agree with the playing of the bench. It has done wonders for the confidence of these guys and has brought them closer together. Jemison in particular had a nice game tonight and Brock was great. You couldn't ask for a better look at the end there for Brock. It just didn't go down.
If Pearson can keep their heads up, this team can win a few more games and play in one of those tournaments. I would hope Mal wouldn't prevent them from doing such this year. I think the decision last year stemmed from the fact they didn't want to give Gottfried a bonus for reaching the postseason.

This team is going to win at least one game it's not supposed to before the season ends. They're playing too hard for something good not to happen for them sooner or later.

And, yes, Senario is very frustrating to watch. He'll benefit the most from a new coaching staff, for sure. You have to figure he's being given a green light, though I will say Pearson has been much quicker to bench guys than Gottfried.

Someone needs to give Philip a chance as a head coach somewhere next season. He's impressed me a great deal over these first three games. Who knows, maybe he'll get out there, make his mark and return to Tuscaloosa some day?

Finebammer: You're right, Alonzo has so much potential as a player. I for one have been impressed with him this year in terms of his playing (mostly) within the flow of the game and being the closest thing to a leader this team has. It sucks that he will probably only play in one NCAA tournament for his career.

Anonymous said...

I just can't jump on the Pearson is a good coach bandwagon just yet. Our last 3 games have been against 3 of the 4 worst teams in a terrible league and we went 1-2. Bama would be the last entry in that group. This was the worst Vandy team in many years. While I agree that Phillip uses his bench better he hasn't solved what has been Bama's big downfall on the road...the big run by the home team.

Bama was the better team for 30/40 minutes in this game. But the 18 point swing to start the 2nd half was simply a repeat of what we've seen under CMG for the last 10 years. Add to that the final 3 minutes of the game when Vandy basically handed the win to us and I don't see any improvement.

I think everyone is setting the bar way too low with Pearson. So far, other than player rotation, I don't see any difference from him and CMG.

One note I read before the season began, apparently Tom Izzo is looking for a change of scenery and was considered a possible candidate for the AZ job. I wonder if his ties to Saban are strong enough to bring him to Tuscaloosa. It's probably a long shot but who really knows.

Anonymous said...

forgive us. when you've trudged through the desert, sun bearing down on you, for as long as we have, charlie brown's christmas tree seems like a lot of shade.

a mudhole an oasis.

for me it's just the shock of seeing an alabama basketball team with a rotation. bench contribution. defense. movement on offense.

it has been ten years.

Anonymous said...

Someone thinks Izzo has an offer.

Anonymous said...

New alabama coach, Oliver Purnell,Clemson University.Bring checkbook