Friday, February 06, 2009

LSU stats pack... the road edition and SEC Power Poll week 5

Unbelievable that we're the only one to beat LSU in conference this season. Unfortunately for us, they're playing a little bit better than the last time we met.

LSU stats

- 46% FG
- 38% 3PT FG
- 72% FT
- 8.2 steals
- 12.2 turnovers per game

You know their team by now... Thornton, Temple, Chris Johnson, and Mitchell give them plenty of offensive options... some of them we just don't have the bodies to cover. LSU as of now is the best in the SEC.

Prediction: we hang with them for 35 minutes then Thornton breaks our hearts with a three and Chris Johnson does his Shaq impression on the defensive end. LSU by 8.

SEC Power Poll

Week 5 edition (hosted by the Ghost of Chucky Blog). I had them ranked exactly like the final poll. I guess I am DA MAN!

Funny excerpt from the blog:

As a disclaimer for the week, our friends at the Georgia Sports Blog have a few words for SEC basketball fans:

"The Georgia Sports Blog hasn't been able to participate in the Poll so far this year due to not fielding an SEC Basketball Team. In the event that our status as a member of the league were to be re-instated with the hiring of a competent coach (or a traveling gypsy carnival maintenance man who believes in offense fundamentals), we will participate in future versions of the poll.

BTW -- Can I put Clemson in my SEC Power Poll? They looked liked the greatest team in the history of basketball last night....partially due to Duke's reflected suck and viewed through my own tainted lens of having just watched my own team play earlier in the evening.All praise Dancing Half-Time Girls in hot pants who soothe the tortured hoop fans' soul."


Anonymous said...

another reason bobby knight should not be considered for the job.

we don't need to be more OJT for knight offspring.

MSmilie said...

I think your prediction is spot on. Alabama is playing better, but LSU is playing really well right now. In fact, when the dust settles, LSU may just win the conference. They do get Florida in Baton Rouge.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a W here. We've fought hard lately and LSU isn't that good. Bama by 6.

The ACC and SEC Blog said...

Bama's gotta improve on their shooting this time around because I don't think we will see them dominate the FT line on the road. I like LSU by 10.