Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss St stats pack II


State comes in at 7-4 in the conference and really need this game if they are to entertain any real hopes of playing in the big dance. Our mission... to beat them and make their reality the Not Invited Tournament. We played them tough in Starkville and I believe this team is due for a win.

Prediction: Alabama by 4. I have to believe this team has one upset left in them and this is the game. If they can't get up for their biggest basketball rival then this season is truly lost. Gee puts up 20, Green contains Varnado, Torrance dishes out 7 assists, and Hillman seals the game with an in your face dunk!

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Side note- we CANNOT allow MSU to sweep us two years in a row and extend their winning streak on us to 6 games.

Game time is 3PM EST (2PM CST). Again, no TV for this one so you either have to be there or listen to it on the radio or online. It's a sad statement that both our games with MSU have not been on TV. We have fallen completely off the radar.

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Anonymous said...

"green contains vanardo."

that's asking an awful lot of a freshman. i don't care how good he is .

your last comment on the state of both programs was spot on.