Saturday, February 21, 2009

Monster game by Gee lead Tide to victory over MSU

Box score

A double OT thriller as we win 87-85 over the hated Bulldogs from Starkville. It's about time something good happenned to this team.

The good:
- held State to 34% FG
- 80% FTs... huge today!
- Jemison off the bench... what an effort!
- Gee and Hillman played under control.

The bad:
- 18 TOs... too much
- Knox and Green fouling out... they got to be smarter about their fouls

All in all, a very good win over a decent MSU squad. Hopefully this is a deathblow to their NCAA chances.

Side note- did I miss something regarding Hollinger? He didn't log a single minute... not that I think he should be playing a lot, but it's odd he wore out the bench chair.


MSmilie said...

I'm ashamed to admit when State went up 9, I turned the radio broadcast off. I came back to it and Bama had tied the game at 52. From there it was stressful, but this team stuck together and pulled it out. They really deserved something good to happen to them. Now, can they put together back-to-back efforts and take care of a reeling Arkansas team next game. At the very least, Alabama can split the final four.

Unbelievable second half by Hillman and what a game by Alonzo Gee. He stepped up and put this team on his back. It was beautiful. Also, despite State hitting, I think, 11 3-pointers [on 30+attempts], I thought Alabama played very well. on the defensive end.

Yeah, too many turnovers, though Torrance was better with the ball as the game went on.

I'm just happy they finally beat State; I hate those bastards.

MSmilie said...

One more thing: how was the crowd today?

bobbyjack said...

Have to ask DJC about that (crowd). By the crowd noise I'm guessing it was acceptable.

Torrance only had 2 TOs to 4 assists. For the season he's been a pretty decent option at the point. Actually he's the only one on the team today with a +1 assist/To ratio.

We played pretty good D... I'm happy for those guys.

Anonymous said...

I miss R. Steele :(

bobbyjack said...

This might sound crazy, but I think the team has played much better since RS quit on them.

IMO Brock and Torrance have played as well (better IMO) collectively as RS did this season at the point.

Anonymous said...

RS should've moved to the 2 once it became obvious that he didn't have the same skills. It's always great to beat $tate and hopefully this win increases confidence. We still had several end of game errors but pulled this one off. Maybe Gee will become the go to guy at end of games, that's what has been missing.

I'd be satisfied if we could close out the season 3-1 then take a game or two in the SEC tourney. That would build some momentum for the new coach next season. It would be great to end the road losing streak in Oxford or even better in Knoxville. The Vols are definitely beatable.

As for the new coach I'm officially on the Mike Anderson bandwagon as my #1 choice, even over Izzo. What CMA accomplished at UAB and now Mizzou has been awesome. I just think CMA's style of play is better suited to the athletes that we normally recruit to play basketball. Regardless it's gonna be at least a month before we even start hearing rumors about potential coaches. Maybe Vegas can post some odds on our new coach when I'm out there next month.