Friday, February 27, 2009

Ole Miss stats pack II

Ole Miss stats

Ole Miss is currently 6-7 in conference... a true testament to Andy Kennedy's coaching as a good # of their team is injured. Watch Terico White and David Huertas... that is where the vast majority of their scoring comes from.

The stats
- 43% FG
- 34% 3PT FG
- 74% FT
- +1.1 rebound margin
- 13.1 turnovers per game

Prediction: They've won their last 4 homes games... the last 3 by at least 15 points so thinking we can steal one there IMO is crazy talk. Ole Miss is also playing for a post season berth so they'll be motivated... and wins this one by 12.


bobbyjack said...

3 point barrage pushes the lead to 16 at the half. Wow... didn't see that coming. Hope the 2nd half looks like the 1st.

Hville said...

I have never seen us bitch slap anyone on the road like this. It's the bizarro-world!

Hville said...

first SEC road win since 1/31/2007
Thanks, Coach Pearson. You are helping us exorcise some of CMG's demons. You have our team playing as hot as I have seen us since the Elite 8 run!

MSmilie said...

90-69. Alabama steals one on the road. Crazy talk, indeed.