Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pearson's Posse Pounds Pigs

88-67 and the game wasn't as close as the score indicated. We led by 30 for much of the 2nd half. This should give us some confidence going into our last 3 games, two of which are on the road. Arkansas is not as bad as we made them look or their record indicates. They won some big non conference games, but their only SEC win was against us. However, they have lost several close games at the buzzer. The only negative from the night was Demetrius Jemison turning his ankle. Hopefully it is not too bad. Alonzo Gee was the SEC player of the week last week, and he is well on his way to winning it in back to back weeks with his performance tonight. Greg Cage even got in the game and scored a basket. Obviously, we aren't going to shoot better than 50% from 3 point range every night, but let's hope this is a sign of things to come.

Up next, we go to Oxford, MS seeking our first road win against the Ole Miss Rebels Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. Central time. The game will be broadcast on Raycom television, so at least I'll actually get to watch it.


bobbyjack said...

Thanks for covering... I'll put up a Spartan report in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Let's pull an Arkansas and come out of nowhere and win the SEC Tournament this year. Seriously, the thing is UP FOR GRABS.

Anonymous said...

err, I mean let's pull a Georgia haha. Nice side note, this year's SEC Tournament will be played in St. Pete? Cool stuff.

If we could get the 4th seed in the West, we would get Vanderbilt in the 1st round instead of Florida, Kentucky or Tennessee which would be nice.

MSmilie said...

Arguably the best game the team has played all year. I was happy to see them, for once, avoid the slow 2nd half start that has perpetually plagued them over the years. Arkansas scored five quick points, Pearson called time out, and that was it.

One stat that stood out for me was Senario Hillman's 7 assists. Without having watched the game, does this mean that Senario's shot selection was much better last night? He hasn't been a guy to pass the ball often, preferring instead to dribble into three defenders and throw up a shot. If the light ever goes off in his head and he embraces what a great all-around guard he can be shooting, passing and defending, he'll be quite the player.

I continue to be impressed with the coaching staff keeping this team together. Hopefully an AD of a low or mid-major school will recognize the job he's done and give Pearson a chance to be a head coach somewhere.

Now comes another road game. If this team plays with the same hustle and confidence as the last two games, I think they can steal one in Oxford. What do you guys think?

I agree with Nick above in that finishing 4th in the division would be nice at this point since it would allow Alabama a much more favorable match-up in the first round of the conference tournament. Plus, I think Mississippi State and Auburn will decide 2nd and 3rd at this point.

As a college basketball fan, I've got to give Lebo some props; he has that team playing well right now. Who thought that team would potentially finish .500 or better in the league and possibly have 20 wins? Not me. I think he's done enough to earn another year.

DJC said...

Good question regarding Hillman, and I agree. I didn't see the game either, so I can't answer with regards to his shot selection.

For some reason, I actually think we have a better chance of winning in Knoxville than Oxford, just a gut feeling. We are certainly due for a road win.

I do think we could make a run in the SEC tournament. If we continue to play well and build some confidence, there certainly isn't an unbeatable team in the SEC. It should be a wide open tournament this year.