Saturday, February 14, 2009

South Carolina stats pack

The mighty Cocks come into Tuscaloosa looking to improve on their already surprising season. The Cocks come in 18-5... about 5 games better than I thought they'd be at this point coming into the season. They have road wins at Baylor, Kentucky, and UGA.


Guard the arc is the only way to beat them. South Carolina as a team is shooting almost 40% from 3 point range. Obviously we need to contain Downey, but look out for Archie and Holmes inside and on the boards. Fredrick chucks up a lot of shots and I say let him as he's 40% from the field... just watch him behind the arc.

More stats:
- 46% FG
- 62% FT
- 80.4 PPG

Prediction: We match up well with the Cocks with the exception of Downey. We have no one that can limit his shots or guard him with any confidence. He'll be the difference maker as we drop our second home game in conference play. South Carolina by 7.

Game time is 3PM EST on Raycom. Note that is split telecast so if you're like me you'll be getting Tennessee/Vandy on your TV instead of Bama/South Carolina. Here's a free video link to watch online. If you have the ESPN Full Court package you should be alright regardless of where you live.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to admit that I'm pretty worried about this game. You guys have played well at home, and while you may not have anyone that can stop Downey, we don't have anyone that can stop Gee. I think we'll put Archie on him, as he's far too tall for Downey or Fredrick to guard. But he's probably too fast for Archie to guard. Gee worries me.

Good luck today.

bobbyjack said...

The key to Gee going off is him getting off to a good start. If he does he can be a beast, but if not (and that's been the case lately) he fails to find a rhythm in the game.

The team has been playing harder since xCMG's dismissal. Not sure if that's good enough though.

Obviously I want Alabama to win today, but if they don't I'll be content to see if the Cocks can win the East (and I'm rooting for that).

Anonymous said...

The game isn't part of today's Full Court package...that should tell you how far we've fallen as a program. I guess I'll watch the game on Yahoo.

bobbyjack said...

MWC hoops this year is just as good as the SEC.

Air Force and Utah tip off at 2PM MST. (g)

Anonymous said...

I guess it's probably the MWC game, like bobbyjack says. But it seems like there's little reason behind ESPN's programming choices. Last week they carried our home game against UGA, which, as expected, was a blowout. Today's game figures to be closer, yet no coverage on ESPN.

Anonymous said...

BTW, what's the status on JaMychal Green? I heard he's playing, but will he be full strength?

Anonymous said...

Good game, guys. You gave us all we could handle. Not sure what to make of the final play, but I'll take it.

Good luck with the rest of your season.

Anonymous said...

I thought the final play was the right call. IDK though, I thought it could've been basket interference... Anyways, It was nice to see our team playing well but it's pathetic that we can still play a great game (by our standards) and still lose.

Gee and Hillman had great games. I love Gee

bobbyjack said...

I have to be honest... I watched part of the 1st half then had to take care of some things so I can't comment on the game. I'll have to defer to DJC for a recap.

Good luck to South Carolina the rest of the year... you got a real chance now to win the SEC East (thank UGA for upsetting UF).

MSmilie said...

Well, Bobbyjack, you were right in predicting Downey being the difference in the game. Bama had no one who could guard him. He penetrated the lane at will for shots and kick-outs. He took the game over.

Alabama on the other hand, defensively, they continue to kill themselves. They seemed incapable of making adjustments to contain the guards for Carolina.

I also thought South Carolina made adjustments to keep Bama off the glass in the second half, which resulted in less second chance points for Bama and more for Carolina, which they capitalized on. The ending in particular personified this as Carolina got three shots at the basket to win. Yeah, the officials missed the offensive goaltending, but to give a team three shots in that situation is terrible. Also, Alabama had, I believe, two possessions in the final minute and they didn't produce a single point.

My fear is this team totally giving up. They had a good effort today and couldn't close the deal. You wonder when the team folds completely. I would expect Wednesday's game at Florida to be a potential disaster.

Hopefully Pearson can keep the team together because they have three very winnable home games left against MSU, Arkansas and Auburn, plus what I consider a winnable road game against Ole Miss. This team, if it keeps playing hard, should be able to at least split it's final six games.

Again, I wasn't satisfied with the crowd there today. Those that were there did get loud a few times, but there still continue to be a lot of empty seats. It's frustrating. I felt after Gottfried was removed, the fans would start coming back to the games, but obviously they're too busy creaming themselves over football recruiting. It's pathetic.

Anonymous said...

We've got a great chance at the East now after the Gators loss. We're tied with UT and UK for first, but we get them at home down the stretch. I like our chances a lot.

I'll have to admit that I think this blog is pretty damn cool. I grew up in Mobile and all the Bama fans I knew didn't know jack about basketball because they were all so obsessed with football. I'm more of a hoops fan myself and have to deal with the same apathetic attitude towards hoops from my fellow USC faithful even though we, unlike you guys, have a better history in basketball than football, so I can appreciate your hoops fandom. Again, good luck down the stretch. Maybe you can win a few and get into the NIT. I hope you guys get a good coach, too.

bobbyjack said...

Thanks for the kind words GCM. Like you I enjoy college hoops more than football, but in the southeast it falls way behind football and the strange culture of following HS recruits. I do what I can.