Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Vanderbilt stats pack

A trip to Nashville... you know what that means for the basketball team. If you don't... keep reading.


We are going to have our hands full inside as I don't see any one player on our roster that can guard Ogilvy inside. I believe we should invoke the hack a Shaq rule and get Coleman some valuable Reggie Rambo... uh playing time. On the perimeter we need to be watching Jermaine Beal and Brad Tinsley. Jeffery Taylor has struggled with his shot beyond the arc this year. Let him shoot it.

The stats:
- 45% FG
- 33% 3PT FG
- 69.6 PPG
- Rebound margin +5.1
- 14.8 turnovers a game
- 72% FT

I can't remember the last time we won at Vanderbilt... I don't think xCMG ever did and don't remember Hobbs winning there the last few years of his head coaching career. It's got to be the weird looking court.

Vandy is as beatable as they've been in a while there. They are coming off back to back blowout losses at home to UT and UF... the problem is we're not in either team's league.

Prediction: more pain. If it's a half court contest we lose big. If the shot clock isn't an issue then we have a chance to win. My guess is it's a half court game and we lose by 16.


Anonymous said...

@ Vanderbilt= automatic loss.

MSmilie said...

I think Bama can hang with this team. Obviously a lot has to go right for that to happen [good point guard play, low turnovers, get Ogilvy in foul trouble, etc.] but if there's a winnable road game left for Bama, this is it.

Unfortunately, I think it comes down to the play of our guards. They haven't been the most dependable lot with the ball this year. If they can somehow play under control, Bama may eke out a victory. It's a long shot, but no time like the present to start believing.

Anonymous said...

duke @ clemson.

guys, this is all i've ever wanted for alabama basketball. all i've ever dreamed.

great basketball. great coaching by purnell. great crowd.

i know duke will make a run but god, please, i'll never ask for anything again if........................................................

bobbyjack said...

Clemson dominated Duke... amazing.

Side note- If you play that ESPN streak game (not streaking for ESPN) you can chose between Gee and Oglivy for who scores the most points plus rebounds. Obviously I went with Gee.

Anonymous said...

as ggod a half of alabama basketball as i've seen in some time.

let's see what happens after the half.

bobbyjack said...

Word... can't complain about anything. Who is this team?

MSmilie said...

This team just can't get a break.