Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome back, Mr. Outside Shot

Edit- added box score (bobbyjack)

It is amazing what hitting outside shots can do for a team that does not have an all SEC caliber point guard. Brock's bombs seemed to open things up for Gee & Co. to move around with the ball to either hit chip shots or allow their teammates to get put back points. Bama shot very well from the foul line, Ole Miss went cold outside the arc until the game was virtually over, and the officials did not give the home team any edge at all. In fact the last 14 minutes of the game looked more like an Ali-Frazier fight than a college basketball game, but I'll take the W and be glad to have it.

Ole Miss is not the best team in the conference, but Bama has had trouble winning there for as long as I can remember. I would rather have broken the conference road losing streak in Starkville, Nashville or api, but again a road win is a road win.

Congratulations to Coach Pearson. He does not seem to suffer from his mentor's insistence that the starting five players average 38 1/2 minutes per game. He stayed with the hot players and their teammates were more than happy to feed them the ball. Congratulations also to the team. They have continued to improve both their effort and their execution. It's fun to see bodies flying around and rolling on the floor chasing loose balls.

Work will keep me from attending Senior Night. I hope everyone who can will show up to help our team beat that west Georgia team known as api. Maybe Greg Cage can score a dunk against them like Jason Reese did a few years ago.

Roll Tide!


Anonymous said...

"Ole Miss is not the best team in the conference, but Bama has had trouble winning there for as long as I can remember."

uhhh, that's being very kind.

the tad pad in gottfried's best days have been a house of horrors for us. games we were favored to win we were sent home yipping with our tail between our legs.

we just broke our road losing streak in a place no rational alabama basketball fan expected.

three wins in a row.

hustle. teamwork. confidence.

all signs players are buying into what pearson's preaching.

the regulars on this blog have seen it from the get-go. the players seem to know now if your on that bench you're going to get a chance to play.

pearson's no gottfried clone.

now we owe auburn, the team paul finebaum called the "hottest team in the state" last week, one, bigtime.

and maybe i'm going out on a limb. but i don't see the sec tournament a lock for anybody. hell, georgia won the damn thing just last year.

you want your team to peak......well, about the same time we seem to be peaking.

"and the meek shall inherit the earth."


bobbyjack said...

Alias summed up our performance. And Hville said it best in comments that I can't remember us bitchslapping a team on the road.

Who is this team and can we see more of it?

I agree that the SECT can be ours... as long as we dont run into our kryponite (Kentucky).

We could somehow finish 2nd in the West and get a 1st round bye. Who thought that was remotely possible a month ago?

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see us playing well. Hopefully they can continue it into the SEC Tournament, because like I said before the thing's up for grabs like never before.