Sunday, March 29, 2009

Anthony Grant PC on Tide TV

I watched it, was impressed with him behind the podium, but I'm not about to declare us to be back yet. Then again with the roster coming back we could have a LSU bounce back year next season.

Watch it here (requires login and password... this was free for all).


MSmilie said...

I think we will see an instant impact in the type of basketball the team plays, but I'm cautious to raise expectations too high for his first year.

First and foremost, the conference will be a hell of a lot tougher next year. At this time there are only four guys in my opinion who may jump to the pros [Patrick Patterson, Jodie Meeks, Tyler Smith & Jarvis Varnardo] and the only guy who may be a lock is Patterson.
When you look at the West, Auburn [Barber and Barrett] and LSU [Thornton] took some losses but Ole Miss, Arkansas and MSU [even if Varnardo doesn't return]will have a lot returning. The East will be the same way with only Georgia appearing truly hopeless [that program's in rough shape].
So while Alabama may have some returning talent and better coaching, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll win more. I just feel that Grant is going to be expected to work miracles in year one and, if he doesn't, people are going to gripe and say the guy is a bust. Unfortunately, what Gottfried left behind is a fan base with little to no patience waiting for a winner.

Second: will this Alabama team adjust to his style of play? There's always that question when a new coach comes in if his style will be adapted by the returning players. Let's not forget that Grant will probably not have one recruit of his own playing next year. It's going to be interesting to see how it works out from a chemistry standpoint.

Third: do not forget that Alabama lost arguably their best player in Alonzo Gee. Whatever you think of Gee he was talented, and this year became much more of a leader. I do think his presence will be missed.

It's hard not to be optimistic though. After so many years of frustrating direction, I do think Alabama has a guy at the helm who will get things done. With some good returning players and a nice recruiting class coming in [particularly the junior college players], Alabama could put together a nice season. Needless to say, I'm ready for November right now.

finebammer said...

maybe we'll see an instant impact, maybe not.

pearson came in and made radical changes in the way things were done. it took a few games to see minor results.

this really is comparable (in my mind) to the shula/saban transition. (not saying grant's saban.)

the point is this is going to take a little time to turn around.

we can't expect saban results out of grant. to do so isn't fair to anybody.

i do hope we continue some of pearson's things.

i really think using the bench made a difference. if a player sees he has a chance to play, it makes a difference.

in an immediate scenario, i want to see control of instate recruiting.