Sunday, March 08, 2009

Brock's buzzer beater beats Bruce 70-67.

An amazing game that ended with an amazing shot by Brock from just a shade inside of half court!

Box score

Every time Tennessee made a run in the 2nd half we answered it! Our point guards yet again shined even though the stats don't show it, Green dominated inside, and Hillman led the way with 16 points including 3-6 from 3 point range. Gee had a horrible game forcing shots, but made a CRUCIAL jumper with under a minute to play to tie the game. Andrew Steele continues to produce off the bench... his defensive play and his dribble penetration was big early on in the 2nd half. I also like the defensive effort of Knox and Coleman... they clearly made the difference inside with Green.

The good:
- Held the best FG team in the SEC to 38.5% from the field
- FT shooting... Gee started off slow, but as a team 16-19. AWESOME!
- Contained Smith and Maze. Kudos to the defense!
- Brock again from outside

The bad:
- Gee took at least 6 bad shots in the game. Forced it too much
- 20 turnovers... and only 7 assist.

What a great way to end the regular season... 4-1 in our last five is more than what any Alabama fan expected. What could've been if we hit FTs against Auburn. We are the 4 seed in the West playing Vandy in the 1st round. Get by that and Tennessee (or is it the Cocks) is next. I REALLY THINK WE CAN MAKE SOME NOISE IN THE SEC TOURNAMENT!!

Great win by the team and congrats to Coach Pearson for winning 2 in a row on the road!


Anonymous said...

I missed the game as I was trying not to die at Breck today on the bulletproof concrete they have as a snowpack now. I was following the game thru score alerts so great to see we won, especially like that ending. This is the make up game for the SC loss.

Looking at the stat's and bobbyjack's comments I think it's obvious Gee is trying way too hard to be the man. I thought his play cost us the barn game (particularly the free throws) but now CP has a dilemma. Do you rein in Gee or allow him to continue as is and hope for one of those Grizzard like games in the tourney? He's certainly capable of doing just that.

It's so important in tourney play to have that go to guy. One guy can carry you through a few games when everyone else is off. Gee is our best shot at this dominant player. But, I think this team is really dangerous when Brock is hitting his threes. All year long we've thought this team was an outside shooter away from being really good. So he could be the guy. I also think Green will prosper in the tourney cause the refs usually let you get away with more contact in the lane this time of year.

Our draw in the SEC tourney is interesting. First, I totally agree with bobbyjack, much rather be playing Vandy than UK even though the Cats are playing the worst ball in the conference right now. UK just seems to have our number in the tourney and you know Meeks will go off for 40+ in the opening round.

Our like our rematch with Vandy and I thought we were the better team a month ago and we're much better know. I'm not thrilled with the Vols rematch but at least we know we can beat them. If we get to the semifinals guess who awaits...very likely the barn. I can't see the Gators knocking them off. As usual I'll bet the opposite of what bobbyjack picks, but I can see us with a 10 point win over Vandy followed by a close loss to the Vols. CM will then use his influence to get us a spot in the NIT.

bobbyjack said...

Picking against me equals money in your pocket. I'm glad I quit betting online or I'd be living in a van by the river.

DJC said...

Great game. Ut did us a huge favor by missing so many free throws. It's good to know we aren't the only team that has those troubles.

I'm glad we are playing in the afternoon now on Thursday, means I will actually get to watch it. The bar that I usually go to was closed this morning, didn't open till 10 (game started at 9 my time), so I was on my way back to the car to get my laptop and try to find a wifi spot, when I spotted another bar practically next door, that was actually open...walked in and sure enough they were able to get the game on.

MSmilie said...

I'm sure the occupants of the other apartments in my building probably thought I was being murdered after Brock hit that shot I was so loud. Almost like a pressure release after a tight game and a tough season.

Gee's jumper was huge but, you're right, he's trying to do too much. Obviously he doesn't realize he's had such a solid season because he has allowed the game to come to him more this year.

Nice to see the bench go nuts after the shot went in. For the first time in a while, these guys look like they're having a good time playing basketball.

I like the matchup with Vandy much more than Kentucky. Unfortunately, Vandy is playing really well right now which makes things tougher. I think if there's a dark horse to win the tournament, it's Vanderbilt.

Anonymous said...

i read somewhere this is the first time we've won two consecutive road games since 2005.

think about that.

again, it's tourney time and we certainly seem to be on a roll.


DJC said...

One other thing about this game...I liked our 2-3 zone. As you can probably tell from my posts, I generally don't like the zone, I prefer a more aggressive man to man, but for this game it was great. Ut was not shooting the ball particularly well, and it slowed the pace down. Pearson had a good game plan to keep ut from being able to play their style of game.

Anonymous said...

Video at:

Anonymous said...

We can definitely beat Vandy. Beating Tennessee again might be tough, especially with revenge fresh on their minds. But say we get past them, we know we can play with Auburn as we had the most recent game vs them in hand until things fell apart. Who knows who we'd meet in the championship, as a lot can happen but assuming it's LSU or South Carolina, we know we can play with these teams as well.

It's assuming a lot, like I always say, but hey who knows?