Sunday, March 01, 2009

Crimson Crushes Confederates

I actually got to watch this game on TV, with sound! Major Kudos to the UNC fan bartender for getting the game on and hooking me up with some volume before tipoff. If you're ever stuck in San Francisco during a Bama game, I highly recommend the Blue Light Cafe on Union St.

The road losing streak is over! We've had a hard time winning at the Tad pad, but, we've had a hard time winning ANYWHERE on the road in the SEC. Ole piss has had a lot of injuries and are not a very talented team right now, but that same team we crushed had been playing pretty good basketball of late.

Anthony Brock...he was a bench warmer under CMG. Had Steele not got hurt again and quit, he would probably be red shirting. Instead, he's taking over games and helping us win on the road for the first time in over 2 years. We shot so well from behind the arc, I think the play of our post players gets somewhat overlooked. I thought Justin Knox played a very solid game. Since the double overtime win over $tate, we've posted 20+ point victories against Arkansas and at Ole Miss. We are playing as good as anyone in the conference right now. If we can protect our home court on senior night, steal one in Knoxville, and make it to the championship game of the SEC tournament in Tampa...who knows.

My only concern is that we have shot too well from 3 point land the last couple of games. That is a good thing, but it's not realistic to expect to continue to shoot around 50% out there, and I hope we don't get too comfortable relying upon that.

Up next, senior night against Auburn on ESPN Tuesday night at 8 pm Central time. There will be a big crowd there for the Iron Bowl Trophy Presentation, but I hope everyone will stick around and support the basketball team in the second half. Seniors Brandon Hollinger and Alonzo Gee will be missed next year. They were here for our last NCAA tournament appearance, and have been through a lot. Gee's leadership has been a key component to the team's continuing to play hard and be more than competitive under Coach Pearson. It will also likely be Coach Pearson's, and possibly Coach Pettway's last game here as well. Most of my best memories of Alabama basketball since I was a student involve Pettway in some way. I hate that I can't be there due to being out of town for work, but if you can go, please pass on my appreciation by being loud and enthusiastic the entire game. No matter the outcome, this team deserves to leave the court Tuesday night to a standing ovation.


Anonymous said...

Dammit! I want to watch the game but have class. Maybe I'll skip :)

Anonymous said...

SEC Tournament Outlook:

This is assuming a lot, but here's the best possible situation.

We beat Auburn and Tennessee and finish 8-8 in the conference. Auburn loses to us and LSU, also finishing 8-8. Miss State splits with Florida and Ole Miss, finishing 8-8 as well.

Miss State would lose the tiebreaker because they'd have the worst record in the West Division, while Bama and Auburn would both be 6-4. Bama would have the tiebreaker over Auburn for having beaten LSU, giving us a bye in the SEC Tournament.

As late in the season as it is, it's really too hard to speculate who will end up where because there's a lot of teams in the SEC with close conference records. LSU is the only team in the entire conference that has proven to be consistent this year, meaning that any team could go on a run and win the conference tournament.

bobbyjack said...

If you ask me Auburn is the tougher of the 2 games remaining.

Anonymous said...

It's just that games played at Coleman we're always going to be in. Road games, well you just never know. We like to get run out of the gym, especially against teams that press.

MSmilie said...

Yeah, Auburn isn't going to be easy. They're playing exceptionally well right now. Still, with it being Coleman, Senior Night and the Iron Bowl Trophy presentation, I have to think Alabama will have enough momentum to win their 4th straight.

Winning in Knoxville is going to be a tough task. Tennessee is fighting for wins right now as evidenced by the game they played at Florida. I still say they have the most talented team top to bottom. If they come to play this weekend, Alabama's chances are, unfortunately, slim.