Friday, March 27, 2009

Fox Sports- VCU's Grant accepts Alabama job

Just hours after his former boss, Billy Donovan, decided to remain at Florida, VCU coach Anthony Grant has accepted the Alabama job.

Grant made the decision early Friday night, sources close to Alabama's program told

Grant, who took Virginia Commonwealth to two NCAA tournament appearances in three seasons, replaces Mark Gottfried, who was fired during the season. VCU was 24-10 this past season and lost to UCLA in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Grant, 42, met with Alabama officials in Richmond last weekend and then toured the campus Wednesday.

According to sources, Alabama offered Grant a deal that was worth about $2 million per season.

Read it here.

If true all the whining on messageboards has been for naught. This is a major get for the university and I'm relieved it wasn't effed up. The only gripe I have is the $2 million per salary, but I guess since it's not my money I shouldn't complain.


DJC said...

Done deal. I'm guessing the deal is more like $1.5 million with incentives that could make it $2 million. I can live with that.

On the one hand, he's the hottest up and coming coach out there. Realistically, I said before we hired CMG that would be the best we could hope for. Still, I wonder what could have been.

Izzo and Saban are good friends, we were offering good money, and at one point earlier in the year there were rumors that he was having some issues with the AD in East Lansing. There was some interest expressed from his side at one point, but who knows how serious that was.

Based on what I heard earlier, Mike Anderson definitely would have come. I don't know if his success in the NCAA tournament changed that or not. I do know that certain BOT members did not want him, due to his poor academic reputation and the manner in which he left UAB. Grant was a good coach and was available, and everyone could pretty much agree on that.

Anyway, Coach Grant has my full support. I would meet him at the airport, except the last time I did that was with Mike Price, and we all know how that turned out. It's time to get behind our new general and get this thing turned around. RTR!

bobbyjack said...

In the grand scheme of things the guy our AD targeted was the one we hired. I'm fine with Grant and like you have some doubts, but overall I am excited that the AD actually made a committment to basketball.

I'm curious to see where the rest of the chips fall in regards to other job openings. I'm betting Gillispie lands on his feet fast at a major conference job and UVA finds themselves a gem.

Mike Price would have done well here if given the chance (and he should have been given that chance).

finebammer said...

hiring grant, in itself, does not reflect an overall commitment to basketball.

how much longer grant's coaching in coleman, does.

bobbyjack said...

I disagree finbammer. We could have gone the cheap route and hired some ham and egger. Instead we hred a guy that shunned LSU and South Carolina the year before and from all reports told UGA no thanks.

Whether or not this works out is irrelevant right now. For once we made a committment to basketball and that is a step in the right direction.