Tuesday, March 03, 2009

FT shooting allows Auburn to win 77-73

Give Auburn credit as they battled back from 12 down. I don't get why we abandoned getting the ball inside in the 2nd half. We were clobbering them in there!

Box score

The good:
- Torrance had a great game at the point
- Green dominated inside
- Played good pressure defensive up until the 5 minute mark

The bad:
- Gee decided to put the team on his back when it wasn't necessary. Bad shot after bad shot.
- FT shooting... cost us the game!
- Brock with bad back to back TOs late in the 2nd half

This one leaves a sour taste in my mouth, BUT I still feel this team can do some damage in the SECT.


Anonymous said...

The home team ran out of gas. Pearson should have put someone fresh in who could have finished the job.

MSmilie said...

As I posted in the comments section an entry or two below, Pearson made a critical error in keeping Torrance on the bench during a lengthy period during the 2nd half. When Torrance went to the bench, Bama was up 8-10 points, I think. By the time he came back in, Auburn was up 8 points. Terrible, terrible decision by Pearson.

The reason it was a terrible decision is Mikhail controlled the 1st half and the beginning of the 2nd half. In fact, I didn't hear him receive enough credit the way he ran the offense when he was in the game. He made good decisions with the ball, made assists, took good shots and really affected Auburn's shooters with his size. I do not think it was a coincidence that Auburn goes on their run with him out and upon his return, the ball immediately starts going back inside and Alabama comes back to tie it. When Pearson watches the film of this game, hopefully he will see this mistake on his part.
Look, I love Brock's hustle and his ability to get hot from 3, but he's not a great point guard when it comes to making good decisions and managing the offense. He shouldn't have been in the game when it was clear Auburn was making a run. There were obviously other reasons why Bama lost the game tonight, but Pearson's handling of Torrance in the 2nd half was a killer.

This game stings, it really does. And not because it's Auburn, though that doesn't help. I felt Alabama handed this game to Auburn tonight, a game that Alabama really needed in terms of seeding for the SEC Tournament. Now they have to go on the road to a Tennessee team that is desperate for wins itself. It's going to be a tough task, but if they want to have any shot at grabbing the 3rd seed [and playing Georgia in the 1st round], they have to win Sunday.

Other things have to happen as well. Correct me if I'm wrong but if State loses their final two and Alabama wins in Knoxville, Alabama would be the 3rd seed due to having a better divisional record, correct?

If so, consider me a Gator and Rebel fan this week. And I hate to say it, but I'm also going to be pulling for Tennessee tomorrow night simply because if they win tomorrow they should lock up the 1 seed in the East meaning they may play a little less desperate against Alabama on Sunday.

Sorry for the long post, it's that time of year.

Roll Tide

Anonymous said...

There was definitely a point where Gee tried to take over just to prove a point almost. He hit 1 sick shot after a nice move but the rest was stupid on his part.

Torrance had a great game, especially that huge dunk over an Auburn player. This is a game they should've won.

Anonymous said...

Hillman's shooting still irritates me at times, although he plays well sometimes. I don't think the home team ran out of gas, and the fresh person that should have been was Torrance, IMO. O well, on to TENN...hopefully we will get the W.