Sunday, March 22, 2009

If we strike out on big name coaches we should consider...

Steve Lavin. Yes, I am prepared to take a lot of heat for even mentioning him as someone we should consider, but looking at his resume I see him on equal footing with some of the other names being thrown around. Add to that he was the coach at UCLA and IMO it separates him from the rest of the B list guys being thrown around.

His resume:
- 5 Sweet 16s in 7 years at UCLA
- 145-78 record (his last year skewed the number down)
- Elite 8 in 1997
- 2001 PAC-10 COY
- 4 wins over #1 ranked teams
- 6-1 in 1st round NCAA Tournament games

He never won the PAC-10 in his 7 years there and UCLA fans make the argument that they underachieved (and they're right to a point) under Lavin, but for Alabama five Sweet Sixteens in 7 years is much better than 1 in the last 17 years.

Lavin is still young (44) and he learned a lot from being the UCLA HC. People have to remember that Lavin was thrusted into the position when Harrick was fired. Looking back, I think he did a decent job, but decent is not enough for UCLA. They want championships and Lavin at that time probably wasn't ready for that level of scrutiny. When he was fired, I believe he thanked UCLA for the opportunity and left with class and dignity.

He probably can be had for $1-$1.5 million per year... and I'd lean towards the lower number. I think he'd do well here.


Anonymous said...

i'd have no problem with that choice for the reasons listed.

as a espn commentator, he also has street cred with recruits. they've seen him on tv, know who he is.

bobbyjack said...

And his wife is smoking hot.

Anonymous said...

from wiki p:

"In April 2006, Lavin strongly considered a return to the coaching ranks when presented with the opportunity to become the head basketball coach of the North Carolina State University Wolfpack. Lavin instead chose to continue his broadcasting career and signed a new six year contract with ABC and ESPN that will keep him with the network through 2012.

In December 2007, Lavin was rumored to be considering returning to his hometown of San Francisco and coaching at the University of San Francisco."

apparently, mr. lavin enjoys his broadcasting gig.

or he's holding out for the big kahuna.

not saying he won't coach again but this sounds like someone who might not consider alabama a job he'd be interested in.

and if he were, 1.5 mill?

if you've been the h n i c at pauley, it might play on your ego just a bit.

we all can't be gene bartow, after all.

bobbyjack said...

NCSt is the 4th best job in NC. Look who ended up with it... and will probably be fahred next season.

I'd rather have him than Haith that's for sure.

Anonymous said...


i guess you'd have to get in the mind of lavin to get his answer on whether nc st. and alabama are on the same level as b'ball programs go.

my opinion: i think their a lot closer than any one of us want to admit in the eyes of basketball intelligensia.

what do you think the chances are that mal, hart and newton (and i believe that's the "search committee")have decided they're going to hire a black coach, regardless of who it is?