Friday, March 27, 2009

Mal (out)Maneuvers Maligners

Anthony Grant rapidly became Bama's number one candidate for the job and he now has agreed to coach for us. Coach Grant apparently insisted on telling his VCU players himself; a welcome relief after the way so many other coaches have first reported to or departed from the football programs at our state's two major universities.

Welcome, Coach Grant. We all look forward to seeing what you can and will do for our players and our program. Now I have to scrap together the money for some season tickets in this down economy. I guess that's a problem I am happy to have.


Anonymous said...

Great. Now I have to actually buy tickets to see us play. I am going to miss picking up center court tickets off the cement.

finebammer said...

"mal (out)maneuvers maligners"

don't know exactly what that's supposed to mean but let's be perfectly clear about something here:

mal didn't "(out)maneuver" anybody.

grant came down here, toured the campus and told mal, 'don't call us, we'll call you'.

what's the best evidence billy donovan's staying at florida??

anthony grant's now the coach at alabama.

so grant "insisted" on telling his players. i guess it's another sign of where we are as a culture when we praise people for doing WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO DO.

look, i know i'm perceived as a negative nellie on this forum and many others.

i hope this is the last negative commentary i have about our basketball program, i really do.

but to spin this story to deflect from the fact that we just hired a coach who would have rather been at florida is just bullshit.

maybe grant will be a "major get" for the university. only time will tell. (mark gottfried was considered a "major get" at the time by people a lot smarter than me)

i know this sentiment is probably going to upset some here and that's not the intention.

i just believe in the truth.

and the truth has been a rare commodity around tuscaloosa over the years to the detriment of the athletic dept. as a whole.

i too welcome coach grant and wish him success. (for my own selfish motives)

but my head's not in the sand on this.

Anonymous said...

It is what it is.
Welcome Coach Grant.
Let The Process begin.

Anonymous said...

FB, I don't know whether Grant is a good hire or not. I think he is. Then again, I thought Gottfried was too. I also thought we needed to tie him down with a nice contract at the time we did that too. I still don't know that either decision was wrong based on the information at the time the decision was made. We know much more now than we did on either of those two dates.

My post was intended more to address the before the fact nay sayers who kept chiming that Mal would find a way to mess up this hire. I don't think he did. He apparently singled out a primary candidate, went after that candidate, and then signed him.

Should Mal's decision and results be maligned simply because a coach did not think Alabama was as attractive a basketball coaching position as Florida? Given UF's recent success and their AD's commitment to winning in all areas, I don't think so.

As to the way others perceiv your words on this blog, you might want to consider removing "bammer" from your screen name. That is not exactly a term of endearment among any Alabama fans that I know.

Big Tider said...

So Bama hires the coach they want, but it's spun negatively in the name of "truth". Horse hockey.

Most up and coming coaches probably have/had a #1 job they'd rather have, but just it just doesn't work out. That is not a negative toward Bama.

One can claim we went about it all wrong, or got lucky, or whatever... who knows. Bottom line is Bama wanted him and he is now the head coach. Bama is probably not the only place that was very interested in him, and he could have waited on another position if he wanted to.

Bama made him an offer and let him go off and think it over (or wait to see what would happen with Donovan - who cares!). You can't strong-arm everybody in this business.

Congrats to Bama and Mal and the entire athletic department on getting the coach you wanted. I hope for and expect much success.

Roll Tide!