Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Spartan experience last Wednesday (2-25-09) and an in game interview with the coach of the Spartans

First off, the student section is impressive. They are into the game the entire way. I like how MSU puts their students in the lower section of the arena. I would say 3/4 of the lower section is students. They seem to keep the team pumped.

The rest of the people in attendance reminded me of a Bama home game. Golf claps, sitting on hands, just being a spectator... then again it was the Hawkeyes so maybe that's why.

Attendance- it wasn't sold out by any stretch as I bought a ticket at the gate for $22. Considering how the economy has affected the state of Michigan it was more than you'd think would be there.

I had the pleasure of 'interviewing' the Spartan coach during the first 10 minutes of the game. Here's the transcript:

Bobbyjack: Thank you Coach for giving me an interview, but don't you think it should wait until after the game?

CTI: No problem at all Bobbyjack. I saw your Bama shirt in the cheap seats and had to address you. As for the game, it's the Squakeyes. They suck.

BJ: Coach... my Bama shirt is under my sweater. It is not visible... how...

CTI: I see things you only wish you can...

BJ: OK... Anyways, are you still loving life in Lansing?

CTI: It's the greatest. (Coach goes to his secret voice). It's frigging cold up here. We've had snow on the ground since November, the best part about this state is the entrance to Canada, and now I don't think the fans appreciate what I have done.

BJ: Your resume is impressive, but it's been a while since you won the Little 11...

CTI: (resumes normal speak) Well, I have done more in 10 years than all of your past basketball coaches combined.

BJ: Sigh... you're right. I know you're short on time so my next question...

CTI: I saw that!

BJ: Saw what?

CTI: You are checking out the Spartan dancers.

BJ: Sorry Coach, you caught me. But how did you see that...

CTI: You want to know a secret?

BJ: Shoot

CTI: They're imported.

BJ: Imported?

CTI: Yeah, we bus them in from Indiana, Minnesota, and Missouri. You've seen the talent here... what's your opinion?

BJ: They have great personalities?

CTI: Exactly. (turns to his team). I told you guys Iowa can't shoot from outside. Keep it up so I can take the 2nd half off.

BJ: Last question. Who do you see landing the Bama hoops job?

CTI: Coach Knight would certainly shake things up. He is a difference maker. He also fits in as he's a hunter and outdoorsy type. There should be a call made to that new guy at Minnesota. He's a good one and if I... well, he's a good coach and can bring your program back.

BJ: (someone taps me on the shoulder and hands me a note). What's this?

CTI: Hand that to MM or DH and tell NS we'll be talking. (waves to said tapper)

BJ: Okay... thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

Michigan State has one of the best stadiums/atmospheres in college basketball. Their student section is pretty solid and you have to have an incredible track record in order to even BE in the Izzone.

And yea, it's pretty cold up here but we don't really have snow right now. It's currently 21 degrees however :(

bobbyjack said...

I enjoyed the game. I hope that's the atmosphere Alabama can have again. I'm glad I got a chance to see a game there.

Truth be told it wasn't really that cold up there to me. I was expecting worse.

Anonymous said...

if those boneheads in the athletic dept. don't do SOMETHING to get the students more involved, the atmosphere situation is hopeless.