Saturday, March 14, 2009

NCAA tournament bubble predictions

Normally I keep up with bubble watch throughout the year... the mixture of us sucking and the day job have got in the way.

Anyways, here's my predictions. I did not include automatics.

ACC at large (6)
- Duke/FSU loser
- Clemson
- BC
- Maryland
- Wake Forest

A-10 at large (2)
- Xavier
- Dayton

Big East at large (6)
- UConn
- Pitt
- Villanova
- Marquette
- Syracuse
- West Virginia

Big 12 at large (5)
- Kansas
- Oklahoma
- Texas A&M
- Texas

Big 10 at large (6)
- Michigan State
- Ohio State/Purdue loser
- Illinois
- Michigan
- Wisconsin
- Minnesota

MWC at large (2)
- San Diego St

PAC-10 at large (4)
- Washington
- California

SEC at large (1)

- St Mary's
- Butler

I believe my math is right... 34 at large teams. As for the SEC... Auburn and South Carolina punch their Not Invited Tournament tickets. If M$U somehow beats Tennessee, then it's either St Mary's or Wisconsin IMO that gets kicked off the bus.


Anonymous said...

My Final Four:

Hville said...

Wild year in the SEC. Auburn goes 10-6, 1-1 in the SECT and doesn't get in. USC wins the SEC East outright, and doesn't get in. I'm sure the cocks are feeling pretty bad. It's a far cry from the year that the Harrick-led UGA team got in with a 7-9 record....

DJC said...

Actually, USC tied with ut for the East, and ut had the tiebreaker. St. Mary's got screwed, imo. I think St. Mary's could have made a run.

My final 4, Kansas, Memphis, Xavier, and UNC

MSmilie said...

It's a fricken travesty that Arizona received a bid. That is the only team in the field that I have a problem with. They went 9-9 in a weak Pac-10 and lost 5 of their last 6. The selection doesn't make much sense when you look at some teams like San Diego State, Creighton, South Carolina and, yes, Auburn.

The SEC schools were given tough draws. I'll be shocked if anyone besides LSU [who will have their hands full with a great Butler team] makes it to the second round.

The NIT selection show is at 8. I don't think Alabama makes it. The only chance we get to see Bama play again [and I'm all for it, by the way] is if they accept a bid to the CBI or the CollegeInsider tournament.

bobbyjack said...

State, Temple, and Cleveland St bursted 3 bubbles... one of them was Auburn's IMO.

I agree with Mitchell... Arizona has no business in the tournament. It should've went to St Mary's or SDSU instead.

I'm really liking Missouri as a Elite 8 team.

MSmilie said...

Having written that about Arizona, let me add that I think they drew a very favorable match-up against Utah in the first round. Utah is solid but I'm not sure they have anyone who can guard Budinger, Hill or Wise. Arizona could be this year's Villanova - The last team selected makes a run.

Bobby: I like Missouri too. If they play Memphis that should be a hell of a game. Missouri is very much a darkhorse Final Four team, in my opinion.

MSmilie said...

The season's over, fellas. The CBI just released their bracket and Alabama was not there. I didn't see them on the CollegeInsider bracket either. I'm not sure if they declined a bid or were just passed over. I know a lot of fans didn't care about those tournaments but I was hoping the team could keep playing.

Oh well. Let's hope for better leadership next year.

Anonymous said...

Yea it bugs me when our teams turn down invitations. Was it last year that they turned down an NIT invitation?

MSmilie said...

They turned down a CBI invitation last year. I'd be interested if they turned down another invitation or if they were passed over because they declined last year.

If the decision was made to not let these guys play, then to hell with the University. These guys deserved to keep playing. It pisses me off that they would keep these players and coaches from having an opportunity after the way this season began, the coaching change and the strong finish.

Alias said...

I have no idea what's going on, but perhaps not playing again was the coaches decision. It could be that they think the team could not continue the success it enjoyed during the last few weeks of the season and a blow out against a team that did not make the big dance would harm their chances of getting new jobs.

Or perhaps the players did not want to continue. Spring Break takes place this week. Both of my daughters were home (momentarily) some time Sunday. I think they'll both be on a beach somewhere once the rain stops. I'm at work.