Friday, March 13, 2009

Reality bites. Vols crush Bama.

Box score

UT had a plethora of second chance shots, beat us down the floor, and shut down our offense for an easy win. It's a disappointing end to the season, but at least now we can focus on the coaching search. Well, hopefully we get into the NIT so the seniors can get a game or two more under their belt. Who knows... maybe this team can make it to NYC.

I realize I posted before the final score, but with 7 minutes to go I doubt we're coming back from 20 points down.

No good/bad tonight... read the Vandy recap and assume the opposite.


Anonymous said...

The offense was stagnant, the defense was slow and the transition game was poor.

The only good part of the game was the 2nd 10 minutes of the 1st half where we merely stuck with them.

The second half was a disaster. We went 6 minutes without scoring.

DJC said...

We tried the same game plan that worked in Knoxville, but UT made adjustments and was ready for it, and we waited way too long to counter. They made quick work of our zone, yet we stuck with it. They forced us to throw the ball to the corners against the press and took advantage of our poor ball handling. You could tell UT was playing with a lot more intensity than the last time we met. Meanwhile, we couldn't make an open shot, didn't block out, made poor decisions, mishandled the ball, and couldn't shoot free throws.

All that being said, I'm proud of this team. It would have been easy to fold. It looked like we were destined for a last place or next to last finish, but the guys kept fighting and actually created some excitement late in the season. I don't think we will get an NIT bid, but I hope we accept the CBI or (or whatever its called) if offered.

Looking at the bright side, maybe this will end the "Pearson should get a chance" nonsense. Coach Pearson has done a great job and deserves a shot at a smaller school, but he's not ready to be the full time coach at Alabama, yet.

Three weeks ago this season couldn't end soon enough for me. Despite the poor performance today, I'm not ready for it to end.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you know you've made it when you start getting flamers.

bobbyjack said...

Word... and I hope Auburn beats the snot out of them today.

Anonymous said...

big twelve championship


a peek into the future???

Unknown said...

So, when do we get a season ending coaching search update?

DJC said...

TideDruid, based on what I've heard, the less said about the coaching search, the better. I think we are actually doing this the right way. If we will just be patient, I believe we will be happy with the results.