Monday, March 16, 2009

Season is over. No NIT, CBI, or tournament bid

Mitchell pointed that out in comments under the last post. Links to the other tournaments:


Looking at the CBI and brackets, we probably had a good shot at winning both of them.

If the university turned down bids to the CBI or tournaments called me pissed off about it. This team deserves some sort of postseason for the way they played the last month and a half. The only argument I can see is if we won one of these whispers about making PP the permanent HC might surface. That's a weak argument.

Anyways, the coaching search is now officially upon us and I hope to heck we hit one out of the park. I'll try to put up a candidates list with resumes and stuff this week.


Anonymous said...

The reason I'd heard for our turning down CBI and bids is that these tournaments are money losers for the University. They have to pay to play, and they have to cover all the expenses.

So, it's a bad business decision for us - more so than for a smaller college who would sell out their arena.

bobbyjack said...

I agree with the cost being a factor, but $60K is a drop in the bucket.

MSmilie said...

Ell: I agree as well with the cost being a factor. I know these tournaments are trying to get off the ground, but they're going to continue to have trouble attracting the best teams available if they continue the pay-to-play philosophy.

Think about some of the teams not involved: Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, NC State, Seton Hall and St. Joseph's. All of those teams had seasons respectable enough to continue playing, but obviously chose not to take part due to the expense.

Hopefully the CBI at least can get away from this since they just inked a television deal with Fox Sports. If you're going to televise the games, you'd better be able to present the best teams available.

Back to Alabama: I'm not sure expenses would have been a problem. I seriously doubt this team would have done much traveling. In both of those tournaments, the higher seeds play at home. With Alabama's strong finish and relatively strong RPI [108] versus the other participants, I think they would have played the majority of their games in Tuscaloosa.

Ultimately, the University made this decision without the player's best interests in mind. Now, if the players preferred to enjoy Spring Break instead of playing basketball, then fine. However, I have a hard time believing these guys wouldn't want to play, particularly the seniors. No, the University made the decision. What pisses me off is that it's perfectly okay for the football team to go play a meaningless game in the shithole known as Shreveport, LA [I lived there for a short time; I know what I'm talking about], but we can't allow the basketball team the opportunity to continue playing solid competition and perhaps win a tournament title? Yeah, it's not a national championship, but it would be a positive way to end the season and create some momentum for next season.