Thursday, March 12, 2009

Torrance's brilliant PG play leads Tide to easy win.

Gee had a great game too... taking a bunch of shots in the paint as Alabama led throughout and come away with a 82-75 win over Vandy. We led by as many as 16 and every time Vandy made a run we hit a big shot to stop their momentum. It was like the Tennessee game this past Sunday, except even more dominant.

The good:
- FT shooting (25-28)
- Shut down Ogilvy and Beal
- 47% FG and held Vandy to 40%
- Torrance and Gee with 20 and 25 points
- Green a monster inside

The bad:
- I can't think of a single thing

A great win and a great team effort tonight. Next up, Tennessee at 7:30PM EST.


Anonymous said...

pearson has shown up with his team prepared to play TOURNAMENT ball.

Bones said...

Great game! Made that 7 1/2 hour drive worth it.

MSmilie said...

This is one time where I don't mind being wrong with a pick. Alabama played as complete a game as I've seen them play in some time. I don't think Vandy played particularly well, but Bama had a lot to do with that. This team is just playing great right now.

It becomes more and more difficult to deny that Pearson at least deserves an interview. It's a gut reaction, much like West Virginia football, but it's hard to deny this guy has come along as a head coach very quickly. You notice he's into the game for 40 minutes instead of standing on the side, dazed and mouth agape.

I still say it's in his best interest to start small and work his way up, but he's definitely making a case for himself. If Alabama should win this thing, does that get him the job?

DJC said...

Great game, only negative I see is we didn't put it away when we had the chance, but at the same time, we answered all of Vandy's runs to keep control of the game.

I missed most of the first half because I couldn't find a sports bar in the shithole known as Fremont, CA that has the Full Court package. I missed half of the second half because my internet connection here blows goats and I couldn't maintain a solid connection to I will be hauling ass after court to SF tomorrow to catch the game at one of my more reliable spots.

Mitchell, I caution against getting too close to Coach Pearson. I appreciate all he has done and is doing. He deserves a chance to be a head coach somewhere. I hope he gets that chance and I hope he does well. But, I do NOT want that to be at Alabama. We are going after some much bigger, more experienced names. If the fans start clamoring for Pearson, and the AD realizes they can sell tickets and have him for much cheaper, then we could really shoot ourselves in the foot here.