Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vanderbilt stats pack II

Two teams playing their best ball are matched up in the 1st round. This one is easily the most anticipated game in the SEC on Thursday.

Season Stats

Vandy comes in winners of 7 of their last 10, including a surprising road win over LSU. They have a balanced scoring attack led by A.J. Ogilvy who leads the team in points, rebounds, and FG percentage (amongst those that see the court regularly). Ogilvy and Beal lit us up for 20 each in our last meeting in Nashville so we really need to key in on them. Beal was 4-8 from beyond the arc and Ogilvy had his way inside.

- 70.3 PPG
- 45% FG
- 34% 3PT FG
- +5.2 rebound margin
- Force 12.1 turnovers per game

Prediction: Brock lit Vandy up from beyond the arc and I suspect he'll do it again. Add a solid game from Gee, Green with a double-double, and Torrance setting the tone for the offense I say we win this by 6.

Gametime is 7:30PM EST (6:30PM CST) on Raycom Sports. I believe that's channel 648 on Directv. If somehow you're not in front of a TV, but have a computer handy you can watch it here.


Anonymous said...

Anyone that isn't in the viewing area can watch the game here:

Just go there and find the Bama/Vandy game. I have no idea where that site came from or how long it will last but it's awesome. I've been able to watch a ton of Blackhawks games that I normally wouldn't have been able to and the picture is always crystal clear.

Roll Tide!

bobbyjack said...

Psst... got the raycom feed in my post :)

Anonymous said...

alright mr. pearson.

you're not a gottfried clone.

your team's playing it's best ball all season.

but it's tournament time.

this is where the rubber meets the road.

whatcha got for us?

MSmilie said...

Gary Parrish at CBS reports:

"And the next coach at Alabama will be ... Frank Haith?

It's possible, yes.

In fact, an industry source told on Thursday that Haith is interested in the opening, and that he'd absolutely leave Miami if presented with a respectable offer. Furthermore, the source said former Alabama coach CM Newton -- who is assisting the school in its search for Mark Gottfried's permanent replacement -- has privately backed Haith's candidacy, meaning Haith is a realistic option if for no other reason than that Newton has tremendous influence at Alabama (and in the SEC, in general).

Miami lost to Virginia Tech in the first round of the ACC tournament Thursday, ensuring the Hurricanes will miss the NCAA tournament for the fourth time in five years under Haith. Among the other serious candidates for the Alabama job is Missouri coach Mike Anderson, an Alabama native who has his Tigers ranked 14th nationally heading into Thursday night's game against Texas Tech in the Big 12 tournament."

Anonymous said...

parrish is full of shit. he despises alabama. he'd love this hire.

alright. been here before, eh?

defensive focus, guys.

(and how about calling those over-the-back calls both ways, ref!)

bobbyjack said...

You are correct finebammer... Parrish hates Bama. He was the mouthpiece for Roy Adams on the Albert Means fiasco.

No way we settle for Haith. If we do I'd be tempted to shut down this blog in protest.

MSmilie said...

I was just posting it. I don't care for or against Parrish.

And, yes, Haith would be far from my first choice.

Anonymous said...

no shot @ u, mitch.

i just hate that bastard.

check this: we're hitting our free throws down nthe stretch.

Anonymous said...

(insert the standard i-know-pearson's-not-gonna-get-the-job disclaimer here)

we could do a lot worse.

i really have a good feeling about this guy, fellas.

bobbyjack said...

No shot on you Mitchell... I just have a hard time being objective to Parrish.

As nice of a job as Pearson is doing the only way he deserves a shot full time is to get us in the NCAA and play in the 2nd week.

If he so desires coming here when whoever we hire next leaves or is fired and he built up HC experience then we can talk.

DJC said...

Hey Michigan Nick, Go Hawks! I'm hoping we can hold on to home ice for the first round of the playoffs. I've been telling these Sharks they are going down in round 2. Probably won't happen this year, but with Kane, Toews, and Sharp, the future looks good...

Kind of like Bama basketball, they fire their coach (which I thought was a bad move at the time) and then start kicking ass.