Saturday, April 25, 2009

CAG's staff complete and the great Rico Pickett chooses a new school

I think Pettway will grow into a nice recruiting role. Maybe he'll get to work with our PGs and teach them how to play a little defense.

No surprises, but it's done. Alabama basketball coach Anthony Grant finalized his coaching staff Satuday, formally annoucing the trio of Dan Hipsher and John Brannen and Antoine Pettway as assistant coaches. Grant also added Tony Pujol as the director of basketball operations, James Kane as the basketball video coordinator and Andy Weigel as strength and conditioning coach.

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Rico Pickett enrolls with the Jaspers of Manhattan. I thought he was going big time, but truth be told there's nothing better than being a young guy in NYC. I begrugingly say good luck to him... maybe he grew up a little from his turbelent year at the Capstone. I hope so.

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