Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Looking back- What was xCMG's most defining win?

I'll list them... and if I forgot any let me know:

1) Alabama vs Florida- Pettway's GW layup to win the SEC regular season title.
2) Beating Stanford in the 2nd round of the NCAAs
3) Beating Syracuse to advance to Elite 8.
4) Beating Mississippi State by 49. Doubling the score 98-49.
5) Beating Oklahoma in the Coaches vs Cancer game in NYC (I believe).

I go with #3 as it's a milestone in Alabama basketball history... something I hope we surpass under CAG in the near future. Beating the defending Nat'l Champs and getting past the Sweet Sixteen was doubly sweet for me.


Commish said...

I think that the Stanford win was bigger than the Syracuse win. Stanford was undefeated for most of the year and was the #1 team in the country going into the tournament. Beating Syracuse to go to the Elite 8 was nice, but I kinda expected that win after beating Stanford.

Also, how can you leave off the 82-64 victory over Morehead State in 2002? It is Alabama's only victory as the #1 team in the country! :)

MSmilie said...

#3 was arguably the best overall game I ever saw a Gottfried-coached team play. They outplayed a very good Syracuse team from beginning to end.
Yet, I have to go with #1 since, in my opinion, it represents the peak of Gottfried's tenure in terms of consistency. That team was solid the whole year until the NCAA Tournament while the Elite Eight team was a bit of a fluke, having barely made it into the tournament to begin with. In fact, the close win over Florida Atlantic and the embarrassing loss to Kent State were early signals of the inconsistency that would then dog the program up until they pulled the plug last year.

I also go with #1 because I was at that game and to experience the thrill of how the game ended and how the crowd responded [easily the loudest game I ever attended] was incredible. It truly felt like the sky was the limit for the program after that game. That feeling didn't last very long, but it was sweet while it did.

Bobbyjack: How do you feel about Bama's team for next year? They have some solid guys returning, plus a potentially good recruiting class. If Grant is as good as advertised, would you agree the team next year could be an NCAA bubble team? I certainly don't think they're a lock, but with a few breaks they could surprise. I can't wait for the draft deadline so we can start sizing up teams for next year.

bobbyjack said...

Morehead St... should have put that one up there for historic measures (g). Stanford was undefeated until the final game (lost to Wazz I believe), but they were in an extremely weak PAC10 that year. Still it was a major accomplishment for us.

As for next season... I truly believe with the upperclassmen leadership we could pull a LSU 2008-09 comeback. I like our core and if we can find/develop just one real shooter we could make some serious noise next season. To be brutally honest I'd be disappointed if we didn't compete for the SEC West next year.

Michigan Nick said...

#4 was an absolutely beautiful game as all of our players were hitting shot after shot. I wasn't able to watch the Syracuse win since they had another game on up here in Michigan.

#2 is the most memorable for me. I turned the TV on RIGHT as Pettway caught the pass and layed it up. I was like "oh hey I think Bama's on..." and was able to catch the end.

There are some other memorable ones but I think you've got the best 5.

MSmilie said...

Bobbyjack: I think they will compete but Ole Miss and Mississippi State should have solid teams as well. I think Auburn and LSU will slip due to the seniors they're losing.

bobbyjack said...

M$U will have 1/2 their team transfer... they always do :)

As for Ole Miss... they should be much better next year, but so should Arkansas assuming Beverley comes back. I still say we should finish 2nd or 3rd in the west next year.