Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Scoreboard on the way?

As many of you know, I've been ranting about the scoreboards at Coleman for quite some time. There have been rumors for years of getting a new one, that would hang from the ceiling at center court. Apparently, the Board of Trustees is at least discussing authorizing the purchase of a new scoreboard. Let's hope this gets done.


John Tesh said...

Waste of money. Add 50 seats to Bryant-Denny instead.

bobbyjack said...

Even in the slow season we get drive bys. Nice.

We've needed a new scoreboard for years... B-D is big enough as it is.

finebammer said...

i'd agree if for only one reason:

the new scoreboard was hanging in a new gym.

this is a pacifier.

i'm tired of fucking pacifiers.

is this what grant was negotiating for???

is this our upgrade???

now we can watch that bennie hill guy disco over the court.

kiss cam in hd.

that really should jump start our recruiting.

i'm sorry to be negative about this, but i'm not liking the way this thing's getting started.

you never get a second chance for a first impression.

and his first step forward was to lie.

if you believe the story grant gave addressing the florida situation, you'll buy geithner's story about his tax cheating.

and now the pacifier.

message to the bot:

if you're gonna do this, while you're up there, pull the pencils out of the goddamn ceiling.

MSmilie said...

The Bama program as a whole has to show improvement before the big daddies are going to spring for a new basketball arena.

Who cares if Grant was "lying" about the Florida gig? These guys are hounded about jobs when they've just accepted new jobs. They'll say whatever it takes to get a breather. Everybody understands the Florida job is his if Donovan leaves. I've got no problem with that. That agreement was made years ago. In the meantime, I'm going to root for the guy to be successful and put Alabama basketball back on the map.