Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to UA, Ben Eblen!

Ben Eblen, a 6 foot 185 lb point guard from Florida Air Academy in Melbourne, FL has committed to Alabama. rates him as a 3 star. He was previously committed to VCU.

Scout lists his strenghts as leadership and passing, but says he needs to improve on shooting off the dribble. Conversely, says he is good off the dribble, but needs to learn the PG position better. I have not been able to find his stats. He had offers from Rutgers, St. John's, VCU, and possibly Clemson and Virginia Tech.

Good job by Coach Grant and staff of convincing Eblen to follow them to UA.

EDIT: Bham news. Looks like he averaged 10pts, 8 assists and 4 steals on a 25-1 team that made it to the quarterfinals.


MSmilie said...

It's not a bad pick-up. I can see him backing up Torrance if Brock isn't the PG back-up. And he appears as if he could become a solid player.

Still, this guy is no Bledsoe, and the fact that he has signed obviously means that Bledsoe is not coming to Alabama. That's not a surprise. If Grant had come in earlier, he may have picked up Bledsoe. As it is, I don't think it means a whole heck of a lot this year, but with Mikhail being a senior, I would hope that Grant plans on going after another highly-rated PG next season because the team will continue to be thin at that position.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard Ben!
Glad to have you!!


Now, speaking about our recruiting effort in general: I hope we're not selling ourselves short.

I do believe Bledsoe and/or his coach is NOT impressed with Alabama, thus we are most likely NOT getting him.

But, as far fetched as this sounds, the guy ranked #1 AHEAD of Bledsoe, JOHN WALL may still be open to some persuasive recruiting.

You'll never hit a target you don't aim at, and there's no reason not to reach for the stars.

I hope our new staff is at least making a call to the undecided Mr. Wall. I wouldn't mind catching his kind of lightning in our bottle!

NO, we're not a premier program, yet. But stranger things have happened, and it really wouldn't hurt to try.


finebammer said...

is eblen 185 lbs. or 170?

either way, he's a underweight project.