Friday, May 15, 2009

NBA mock draft

Unless my eyes are bad I only see 2 SEC players going according to this... both in the 2nd round and both from LSU.


This one is a bit older and doesn't take into account that Patterson from UK is coming back. Only 3 SEC players listed here. Alonzo Gee is listed at 69 FWIW. I saw projections of him last year in the mid to late 2nd round.

Side note- if you haven't been watching the NHL Playoffs I suggest you watch a game next week. It has been one of the best playoffs in recent memory.


39 Steps said...

Go Blackhawks!

DJC said...

Indeed, Go Hawks! I've got tickets to the 3rd and 4th home games at the UC if we make it to the Stanley Cup Finals...originally planned to sell them, but now I'm leaning towards going if we can get past the evil empire.

39 Steps said...

If you decide to sell them, please let me know.

bobbyjack said...

Go Penguins.. although I'd rather see the Hawks in the finals against them. The Red Wings are an awful matchup for Pittsburgh.