Monday, May 18, 2009

Your semi-regular MLB ballpark ranking

Based on the ones I've been to this year. As of now here's the list (of 3)

1) ATT Park- San Francisco
2) Coors Field- Denver
3) Turner Field- Atlanta

ATT Park is awesome. Even though the team sucks, they had a nice crowd. Food was great, the bleacher seats were comfortable and not 2 miles from the plate and the cost of a ticket wasn't back-breaking. The view of McCovey's Cove is nice.

Coors Field is a place I've been 2 times prior and I like it as well. I was trying to go to the Nuggets game that day, but didn't want to pay $60+ for a game I don't generally like (NBA). Beers of the World is overpriced, but to be expected at a ballpark. I bought $35 seats which were located about 24 row behing home plate (great view). the ballpark itself is nice and situated near the bar scene.

Turner Field is a place I've been at least a couple dozen times. In my younger days we'd buy a cheap ticket and sit in the RF bar area. The food is average at best, beer is overpriced (unless you hit the RF bar- Chop House), and the seats aren't the greatest unless you buy lower level between 1st and 3rd base. It has a generic feel about it.

I plan on making at least 4 more ballpark stops this year. For the millions that follow this blog I'll keep you up to date.


Michigan Nick said...

Here's what I've been to in my life:

Wrigley (approx 10 times): Beautiful in so many ways but it loses its charm after a few trips. Parking is terrible and there are some bad sight lines in the stadium.

US Cellular (twice): Bad neighborhood and the stadium is just kind of blah. Never feel the need to go back.

Camden Yards (once): Lots of cheap and close parking. The stadium is unique and the huge warehouse that is behind it is definitely cool. Got some cheap upper deck seats and sneaked into the lower bowl with ease. Nice park.

Tropicana Field (once): Went there on spring break. Another stadium in a bad neighborhood. Ugly as hell on the inside. Didn't feel like we were at a baseball game.

Comerica Park (once) Just went there for the first time ever last month...which is sad because I live in Michigan. We somehow scored FRONT ROW seats in left field...meaning we were looking directly down into the Tiger's bullpen and could talk to the players in there. Best seats I've ever had. The stadium is pretty nice but the city is so damn dead that it's just depressing.

bobbyjack said...

I got 2 more coming up in Oakland and Arizona. I know Oakland is a dump, but I'm curious to see what Phoenix is like.