Thursday, June 11, 2009

As I watch the Yankees-Sox game on MLBTV... a few thoughts

1) Bob Costas is the best in the business nationally. MLB sorely missed him calling games. When NBC had the Saturday Game of the Week, he was the voice I listened to besides Phil Rizzuto growing up. If you want to learn some of the nuiances of the game and get a history lesson, you can't find a better commentator than Costas. Oh yeah, Jim Kaat is pretty good too. That's one heck of a duo MLBTV has calling games. Much better than Buck and McCarver, that's for sure.

2) I'm a diehard Yankees fan, but I absolutely loathe most of the roster. On the current 25 man roster there's exactly 7 players I feel good cheering for.

3) I look at the Red Sox and see what the Yankees use to be in the 90s. A good farm system with a sprinkling of key veterans and a couple big name players. That was the formula that led the Yankees to 4 WS in 5 years from 1996 to 2000. Quite a few Red Sox seem proud to be a member of the team, many of the Yankees are there solely for the overinflated check.

At some point this year I'll get a chance to see the New Yankee Stadium as well as CitiField. The reviews I've read about Yankee Stadium have been mixed... Citifield has been mostly reviewed well. I guess we'll see, but being totally honest seeing the Yankees play a home game in anything besides the "Old Yankee Stadium" is going to be disappointing for me.


DJC said...

I've really enjoyed MLBTV's coverage. Beats the hell out of Fox and/or ESPN.

My Cubs need to learn how to hit the ball. 8 game road trip, 1.6 ERA, and we go 4-4 because prima donnas like Soriano and Milton Bradley aren't producing. Big Z needs to take a bat to some of the position players.

bobbyjack said...

Now that I think about it, thee's a eerie similiarity between this years Cubs and Yankees. A lack of will. Both teams look like they're going through the motions out there.

On paper both teams should win their division, but unlike most sports, baseball caters to the intangibles... something I haven't seen from the Yankees or Cubs this year.

Both have issues executing the small things... bunts, productive outs, big hits, etc. Despie what those sabermetrics geeks will tell you, the key to winning is the same as it was many years ago.

finebammer said...

red sox.


you better pray beckett don't get his groove back.

8 - 0.

finebammer said...

the cheerful seven:









bobbyjack said...

You got 4 of them (Jeter, Mo, Damon, and Pettitte). Roberson, Joba, and Bruney are the others.

As for 8-0... Well, I figure things will even out somewhat by the end of the year. We'll see.

finebammer said...

and understand that i'm fully aware that it's the regular season.

still, i think francona's one of the most underrated managers in the business.

great column in the miami herald today (sunday) on anthony grant.

(linked in capstone report)

finally, something of substance to give one confidence about the man.

(wish i could say the same about his bosses)

finebammer said...

and wow! you don't cheer for posada!?!?

i think he's one of the most thoughtful catchers in the biz.

bobbyjack said...

Posada's contract demands soured me a bit on him. Add to that he's a miserable defensive catcher, doesn't call a good game, and doesn't hustle makes me not think of him as favorably as some fo the other Yankees.