Sunday, June 14, 2009

Miami Herald article- Alabama ready for revival under Grant

We have been getting a lot of good press about our hoops squad since the hire. It's a nice distraction from what has happenned with the NCAA ruling.

When he was 6 years old, Anthony Grant remembers seeing his mother, Victoria, studying early in the morning before she went off to work. He also recalls his father, Alexander, coming home exhausted after working as an auto mechanic.

''She put herself through nursing school,'' Grant said of his mother. ``She reached her goal and became a registered nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital.''

And Alexander ''only had a fourth-grade education,'' said Grant, a Miami native whose parents ``always emphasized school with us because they knew how tough life was without it. My brothers and sisters and I witnessed the value of education.''

Grant, 43, took what his parents instilled, and in March, the University of Alabama made him the first black head basketball coach in the school's history, signing him to a seven-year contract worth a reported $12.8 million. Grant now is an educator himself, charged with molding young men into a cohesive basketball team as well as solid representatives of the university.

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Anonymous said...

(VCU freshman Terrance) Saintil said Grant gave each VCU player specific instructions on how to play.

Saintil, for example, was told he would not get a pass unless he had both feet in the paint.

''If a guy passed me the ball when I was not completely in the paint, then he was coming out of the game.''

The trip to the bench usually came with an obligatory stare from Grant.

''I wouldn't call it the evil eye,'' Saintil said. ``I would call it the eye that makes you do the right thing.''

DJC said...

That was my favorite part of the article. Maybe this will be the end of our centers and power forwards chucking up 3's.

Alias said...

Thanks for the article.

The more I hear and read about Coach Grant the more excited I get. I know most Bama fans can't wait for football season. I can't wait for hoops season. I doubt our team will be where we want it to be until Coach Grant has been able to recruit his own players, but if the ones we have will listen and learn then we could be much improved over past couple of years.

Roll Tide!