Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recruiting News

It's my first post as a contributor [thanks Bobby]. Hey, Ma, top of the world!

Anyway, enough about me. Ian Rapoport on his blog at AL.com had some potentially bad news regarding 4-star touted center, Shawn Kemp, Jr. He has not reported to campus yet because - drum roll - he's not yet eligible.

From AL.com:

Roger Kvam
, Kemp's coach at Cherokee High, said, "He has one class in summer school, a Math class, he needs to finish to graduate. He's actually on his last week. That's the last of his high school requirements he's got."

I asked Kvam if he expects Kemp, the 6-foot-9 son of the NBA great by the same name, to be cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse after that. "Yes," he said.

Does Ray George ring a bell? Anyone? Anyone?

If Kemp doesn't become eligible, with Yamene Coleman leaving the team, Bama's frontcourt depth is going to take a real hit. Hopefully he gets the grade and joins the team this summer. It just wouldn't be Alabama basketball without a little drama.

And, in case anyone cares, the other game in the Coors Classic is South Alabama vs UAB, which I think could be a very entertaining game in its own right.


bobbyjack said...

We'll be in a world of hurt if we're short on big men AND don't have any perimeter guys we can trust.

Are we sure Pettway used up all of his eligibility?

MSmilie said...

Well, they wouldn't be exactly short on big men. They'd have Green, Knox, Jemison and Hines, which would be a solid rotation. I'm hoping for Kemp to be there. I like his size and his potential, particularly on the defensive end.

On the perimeter I'm hoping someone will step up, but it wouldn't surprise me if Green scores most of his points off offensive rebounds.

bobbyjack said...

I know nothing about Hines so I hold judgement until he actually plays, but the other three I can comment on. Green is obviously a beast, but the Knox/Jemison combo was inconsistent last year. One of them have to play either the 2nd F slot (if we deem Green a PF) or C which means they have to be more physical. Obviously Jemison can't play C.

Maybe this year Knox breaks out. I saw a lot of potential his freshman year and maybe the coaching staff takes his game to the next level.

finebammer said...

great job, m.

bj, throw him in the live well, he's a keeper.