Friday, June 19, 2009

Who's in, who's out- Underclassmen in the NBA draft

Patrick Beverley, G, Ukraine
Beverley was a pretty interesting 2-guard at Arkansas from 2006-08. But at 6-1, he didn't have much chance of playing that position in the NBA. So he left Arkansas after his sophomore season and went to the Ukraine to work on his point guard skills. The results have been impressive.

Nick Calathes, G, Florida
Calathes signed a professional contract in Greece, so he's definitely not coming back to Florida. A few teams like the Mavs and Kings also have interest in the first round, and even if he slips into the second, that might not be a bad thing. He'd be released from the rookie salary scale, and a team could pay him more to lure him back from Europe if he excels there.

Jodie Meeks, SG, Jr., Kentucky
Meeks was a scoring machine at Kentucky this season. His speed and shooting ability really stood out. So did that 54-point performance against Tennessee. However, his lack of great size or explosive athleticism hurts his stock a bit.

Calathes as reported earlier in the year signed with a team in Greece. Still, NBA teams might take a chance on him by letting him delevop overseas.

As for Ronald Steele... I haven't seen him projected anywhere in the top 90. I'll put up some mock draft links tomorrow.

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finebammer said...

i think meeks is likely the only one you'll see do anything in the nba.

ron steele. what a waste.

though nothing more than sheer luck of the draw, i happened to be working with a gentleman who was close to gerald wallace's family when he was being recruited to alabama. i was told two weeks before it was made public gerald was going to alabama.

i told my friend (and this was long before i had soured on mark gottfried) he needed to tell gerald he was wasting his time messing with alabama.

my friend had carried me to see gerald play at childersburg a couple of times and while he was certainly a man among boys, it was obvious the potential for gerald to become an elite player was there.

it has made me wonder, more than once, if jordan had been one-and-done at unc would he hve blossomed into the (arguably) greatest player to ever play in the nba??

gerald has carved out a yeoman's place in the association but how different might things have been had he attended a school serious about basketball??

ditto ron steele.

bobbyjack said...

Steele should've left after our 2nd round loss to UCLA. He was a top 20 pick at the time. I got a lot of heat for saying he should go back then.

Meeks leaving UK was more about him not getting the touches he did last year than draft status. He's projected to be a mid 2nd rounder (Richard Hendrix) and I don't see him making a team. Overseas money is good so regardless Meeks will be ok.

I didn't know Beverley was playing overseas after his suspension from Ar-Kansas.

As for Wallace... he was one and done the minute he stepped on campus. He did it for his momma I believe. I don't follow the NBA much, but I do know he's doing well there... and is financially set for life. Like you, I wonder how good he could've been at say... UNC or UK for a couple years.

finebammer said...

the one and done thing was popular thought at the time but i can tell you bj when he left he really didn't want to.

gerald was much more thoughtful than most believed. he enjoyed the campus life and loved alabama. he never understood gottfried's attitude towards him and later it became a pissing match between the gottfried camp and gerald's aau coaches.

gerald's made it in the nba because of drive. he had that same drive at alabama. just realized he was wasting it on gottfried.

steele has to watch farmar playing and shake his head.