Friday, June 12, 2009

Wimp Sanderson says Coach Grants needs to be accessible

A good read from Andy Katz at ESPN


Alias said...

I used to love to read Wimp's edited comments in the Birmingham News every Sunday. Just about every 10th word had to be edited ("bleep" "bleeping" or "expletive deleted"), especially when the sports writers would find Wimp in a Birmingham Bar late after one of our games.

Wimp was a classic and his teams won lots of games.

Thanks for the article, DJC.

finebammer said...

wimp caught a lot of folks off guard when he was hired.

he took his job very seriously. one gene bartow came over from hotshot ucla and didn't pay wimp much mind.

wimp changed all that in a hurry.

buck johnson.

gene got his panties in a wad over losing him. wrote the ncaa a letter accusing wimp and the man who hired him of being cheaters.

wimp could do that to you.

without ever even playing you.